Canon “small SLR” update


An update to the previous news from Reuters that Canon is working on a "smaller version of its upmarket single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras". This is the statement Masaya Maeda (head of the Image Communication Products division) made to Reuters on this topic:

"It's not a question of whether or not you have a mirror. There is a consumer need for good-quality cameras to be made smaller," Maeda said. "We will meet this need."
He denied this would be difficult without removing the internal mirror, adding that Canon had produced very small SLR cameras in the past.
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  • Eric

    I agree that SLR’s (and DSLR’s) can be small enough, just look at the old Olympus OM, Pentax LX, and Pentax ME, but Canon has a problem; their EF lenses are huge. I wouldn’t want to use any of the L lenses on a camera the size of my Pentax LX. I’d rather Canon just resurrect their old Canonet lens mount and use that in conjunction with an EVF.

  • Victor Hassleblood

    All true. The old OM System was a pleasure to carry and to handle and Pentax was similar but that was a lot due to their pretty small lenses with a 49mm filter thread.

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