The rumored white Samsung NX100 again

The previously rumored white Samsung NX100 appeared again on dpreview. This time the image is full size. The picture was reportedly taken during a commercial shoot for the already rumored Samsung NX100. The camera on the photo is definitely different than the previously released Samsung NX10 white limited edition.

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  • Me

    Looks like a total ripoff of the Panasonic GF1 (which is also quite successful in white).

    Seriously, Samsung NX is dead since Sony came with the NEX. Who needs Samsung anymore?

    • MK

      HAHA… I would hardly consider the NX system “dead”. NEX is not for me; tiny body + huge lenses = not portable. I think many people share my opinion.

      GF1 and NX100 will be in slightly different categories given the difference in sensor size. I’m a bit disappointed Samsung did not go with body stabilization to make it smaller because that could have made the difference for me. As it is, the lenses will continue to be huge.

  • Din

    How do you want it look like?
    What I know every compact camera, DSLR and mirrorless have the same basic design.

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