Rumors recap

  • Rumor: there will be no new professional DSLR from Canon for Photokina. The new 1DS Mk4 is currently being tested but will not be released before mid 2011. It will have a 39 MP sensor.
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  • sflxn

    Panasonic will never make anything like this. They are too conservative. They may perhaps move a button around and add another bullet item under features.

    They’re going to wait for Canon and Nikon to enter this market and school them on how to make class leading mirror-less camera. Panasonic likes to play in the third-tier photo market. The early success of u43 caught them off by surprise, and they have no idea how to proceed. What we saw in the G2 is how Panasonic will proceed. They will continue to underwhelm the market till their marketshare in the mirror-less market reflects their marketshare in DSLR — virtually nil.

  • viTRifY

    39 MP Sensor in Canon’s 1DS Mark IV? OMG WTF BBQ is all I have to say

  • Kevin

    The SAL-18-250mm SAM has already been debunked as a PS job (I think even the version has been pinned down to CS3). The image is a mix of the old 18-250mm and the newer 28-75/2.8 SAM. The most telling feature is the identical front element and refractions from the “leaked” lens and the existing 28-75.

  • mambastik

    If Panasonic plays it right, they should adopt features from their older cameras. Their new superzoom FZ100 now has switch for AF/AF macro/MF along with an auto-focus button on the left of the lens barrel where the thumb lies. This is borrowed from the FZ30/50.

    The GF2 should take ideas from the L1, but not as extreme as the mockup. With the GF’s complicated popup flash, I can see them borrowing the L1’s dual stage popup, first pointing upward for a bounce flash, second stage pointing forward as a fill flash. Add that and a built-in EVF, and you’ve got a winner.

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