Photokina day 0 updates

  • First, my favorite: Fuji X100 - some quotes from Falk Lumo who had the chance to talk to the Fuji folks:

"I asked why not with a lens mount? Answer: We want see how this one sells first. I asked: but you know that if this version does not sell it may be because it has no mount? Answer: no, is it so...? I asked if its cheaper than Leica X1. Answer was hesitant. Eventually they gave me "1000" as a ballpark number"

More X100 pictures available here and here plus another video:

  • Olympus are no longer developing Four Thirds lenses:

"Yes we are not developing more Four Thirds optics. We have a catalog of digital optical largest market and we cover almost all of what we considered at the time. Our engineers are focused on making a set of objectives Micro Four Thirds as good as what is now the Four Thirds."

  • Nauticam announced underwater camera housing for the Sony NEX-5 camera:

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  • Eric

    Ugh, is Fuji really that blind? I hope the X100 sells like gangbusters, but I simply can’t buy one since it doesn’t have a lens mount. I have to have interchangeable lenses and there’s no way around that fact. Had they used a lens mount instead of a fixed lens I’d pre-order even before reading reviews.

  • will

    If the x100 is $1000, Fuji got a big winner. At least they got my thousand…

  • E-thug Trollworth

    this camera is something the most interesting man in the world would use. you know if i had this camera and if i were to punch you in the face, you’d have to fight off the urge to thank me

    • Kevin

      Dammit, you’re right.

  • jeorcal

    a fuji like that without lens mount is a no way for many of us

    • beholder

      +1 No lens mount, no buy. Tho, I like the trend and may be someone will release good evil/drf soon.

  • disco

    what a fugly card door! not to mention the af switch on the other side

  • Anonymous

    Fuji is not blind. An interchangable lens camera would have been a whole different beast altogether!

    Seriously, have look at the lens design: it’s a reverse retrofocus, where all the big elements are inside the camera. The sensor is almost impossibly close to the rear element, and there’s still that sliding ND filter in between.

    And how about the OVF? You could either do it like Leica with varying framelines (and sell maybe a handful of primes between 28-90), or like the Canon G series (and you’d still get a rather limited zoom range). What’s arguably the most innovative feature of this camera (the Hybrid viewfinder) would go bust.

    I also wouldn’t hope for a $1000 price. This was in Germany, talking to a German, so I’d guess it means around €1000, which would be great even if before taxes. But that’s around $1400. If true it seems that the low estimate of ¥120000 was closer to the truth than the ¥150000.

    • hgjs

      Fujifilm’s managing director said at the presentation that the price has not been confirmed but will be “somewhere around the $1,000 mark”. I’m hoping for $899. See link to his presentation here:

  • John Morris

    And here’s another video, this time of the press conference for the FinePix X100:

    • hgjs

      Thanks for the link John. I ended up double linking to the presentation. My bad.

  • Lolly

    BJP on Fuji X100: “… a dream camera”

    Give me a break … it’s too retro and it looks like a brick too … slim is in but not for the Fuji X100. If the price is close to a Leica X1 then the Fuji X100 has got to be better than Leica X1 because you pay more for the Leica name brand.

  • ronald

    I need lens mount.

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