Pentax 645D coming to America

PDNguide (link is NSFW) spoke to Ned Bunnell (President of Pentax USA) during Photokina regarding the Pentax 645D release in the US :

"We're going to start to bring the 645D into the States in late November or early December but that's based on availability. We're still fighting fairly significant back orders in Japan."

The Pentax 645D will be shown at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York in October. The US price will be $9999.99 for body only.

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  • amien

    I thought it was sold @ 9999$ with the 55mm 2.8 lens ???

    • sflxn

      no, add another 2k

      • amien

        This sounds weird… 1st buyers got the 55mm 2.8 as bundle for 10K…

    • asdhakjs

      55 is anyway useless. Typical customers will need at least 80mm. 50 is too wide (good for landscapes but there are no moneys so rarely somebody buys MF system)

      • Mistral75

        Do not forget that the size of the 645D’s sensor is 33x44mm and not the 41.5x56mm of the film-era 645, 645 N and 645 NII.

        55mm on 645D corresponds to 70mm on 645s, which was their standard focal length.

        • amien

          you are right on this one ! I cannot even imagine how expensive a true wide lens could be in this case. Luckily it is not 67 lenses we’re talking about, they would be sooooo expensive in digital versions.

          I am waiting hard to install a true 6x7cm digital back behind my Bronica GS-1. I own 5 lenses & they are tack sharp. I dont care about AF in medium format either.

        • Mr_pentax

          The 55mm is equal to a 43mm field of view on the 645d. Pentax has stated this a number of times.

  • I talked to Pentax Imaging today and there is no official price announcement for the US yet. Ned Bunnell is going to announce that at PhotoPlus and I am going the be there to cover it.

    • WoutK89

      Wasnt the price for EU and UK announced too already? 😛 I dont think admin gets these numbers from his thumb.

  • lorenzino

    This is probably the best camera I will never buy… (not that I didn’t wish to do it…)

  • amien

    The Higher the prices go, the higher the difference of – Pound vs Euro Vs $ – is.

    Who buys a 10’ooo POUND could afford the same camera + at least 3 lenses in america !!!

  • Don

    When the 645D was first announced it was rather exciting but I think Pentax missed their golden opportunity to be more than a niche product against the other big camera companies, especially with Canon & Nikon moving on the next generation studio cameras.

  • amien

    as far as I have seen, The 645D are NOT THAT IMPRESSIVE.
    The only shots who moved me a bit wre low light city shots.
    I think that camera makers should look at new Sensor technology with more dynamic range in blown highlights & shadows & more color depth.

  • You can get a real Pentax 645 or 67 II with a set of lenses for between $1500 and $3000…

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