Olympus has no plans to replace the E-620, high-end PEN camera expected

Olympus E-620

Olympus E-620

Fotopolis interviewed Toshiyuki Terada, Product manager of SLR Olympus Planning Department - in a nutshell, Olympus has no plans for now to replace the E-620 since the entry level DSLR segment is now entirely replaced by the PEN system. "High-end" PEN models however, are expected in the future (EP-3?):

“Q: What future for smaller [than the E-5] SLR cameras? Are you going to give them successors?

R: We do not have concrete plans to replace the E-620 and other recent SLRs. The entry level SLR class can be completely replaced by the Pen system in terms of performance.

Q: Is it possible that even more high-end cameras appear in the Pen system, e.g. for the semi-professionals?

R: Of course, one of our goals is to offer the Pen system technology to the world of professionals or very advanced amateurs; as soon as possible to transfer this model from the SLR system to the Pen system.

Q: So can we say that, in some undetermined future, there simply won’t be any [Olympus] SLR anymore?

R: In the future - yes. This is one of our goals but we do not know when this will happen. Until then, we will support the SLR segment because the E-3 users are Olympus’s foundations.”

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  • Joh Doe

    Instead of the current sesor aspect ratio (2x). Olympus should have made two 1.7x and a Leica S2 like more towards medium format.

    so bsically they would have 1.7 x for prosumers and consumers, and the S2 like to the Pro’s and semipro’s .

  • Ken Aisin

    I have no problem with replacing the E-series DSLR with PEN…. but only as long as:

    1) The new system’s AF is as good as (or better than) the phase detect AF in the E-5, even with the old 4/3 lenses.

    2) The new system will have a model that is as splash and dust proof as the E-5.

    3) The new system fully supports all the old 4/3 lenses.

    4) The new system’s EVF doesn’t show lag.

    Otherwise, Olympus is basically abandoning the 4/3 users and forces them to either jump ship or invest into the new PEN m4/3 system. If this is the case, I’ll be switching to Nikon or Canon, and I will never ever purchase another Olympus camera again. I hate being abandoned.

    • asdasd

      you should have done it years ago

  • Roger767

    Pen cameras are fun but the 2x cropfactor makes it a consumer camera, every olympus dslr shooter will jump ship or already has

    Ps bought an olympus om4 camera, thats some camera. What happened olympus?

    • Olympus’ DSLRs are also 2x.

      • Catastrophile

        the higher the factor, the more craptacular the IQ gets

        • John Doe

          Leica , have you seen the pictures the S2 produces. I bet Olympus could do similiar sized lenses at cheaper cost. And the Leicas S2*s 18 K cost is bit much for pro sumer like me 🙂

          • Catastrophile

            S2’s IQ is most impressive and i think that’s mainly because of the lenses and the removal of the AA filter. Kodak colors are nice but the sensor, being as big as it is, should be able to do much better in the noise department (visible even at base ISO).

  • Kevin Ryan

    Glad I switched to Pentax recently. Grabbed a $500 K-x and will save up for the new K5.

  • Daryl

    Roger767, re the om4′ you ask “what happened”?

    I’m not sure about the om4 but the om1 and om2 were designed by the legendary Maitani.

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