Canon Cross Media Station

Canon displayed their Cross Media Station prototype on the Canon Expo in Paris today - this gadget will let you wirelessly transfer images and video by just placing your camera on top of it and will also inductively charge your battery at the same time:

Here is a brief video of the Canon Cross Media Station in action:

Via Engadget

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  • Kevin Y

    now let’s get one for a nikon camera wee

    • Nikon doesn’t need things like these to make their products the best.
      And one question. How do I charge my calculator?

  • Tomas

    Awesome technologies… 🙂

  • Ken Elliott

    Thanks, but I’d rather pop a memory card out and put it in my (much faster) card reader. Swapping batteries is also fast. But I can understand the appeal to someone with all that gear, only one battery per device, only one memory card per device, no card reader, and an inability to deal with cords. In other words – your average hipster consumer.

    The induction chargers I’ve seen are rather slow.

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