Fuji X100 price revealed?

The Canadian retailer Vistek is now listing the Fuji X100 as available for pre-order and the price is 1099 CAD (around 1091 USD). This probably confirms the previously rumored US price of 1000 USD. The release date is listed as March 31st, 2011. No US retailers are currently taking pre-orders for that camera (you can only sign up to be notified at Amazon).

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  • Scott

    Not true about US retailers not taking preorders. The very excellent Precision Camera in Austin, Tex., is taking preorders, both with a US $100 deposit and without.

    • They don’t have a price listed – how can one put a deposit on a camera without knowing the actual price? Will they refund the deposit if the camera comes up with a $2k price tag and I dont want it?

      • eaj

        Cameraquest routinely takes refundable pre-order deposits on new Voigtlander lenses and cameras before the price has been announced.

      • Yes, deposit is fully refundable, or get on the list without a deposit:

        Robert J, Precision Camera

  • Well, they’ve got quite a few people on that list already.

  • Nikky

    1000? i mean it’s a nice cam, but that’s way too much. the tech they put in there and the large numbers they could sell would justify something like 500 dollars. the other 500 you pay for the aesthetics and the uniqueness of the viewfinder. good that i’m patient enough to wait for some competition to start. i’m sure this cam will be wanted and then it’ll be a year at most until you get similar stuff for 500.

    • chris

      thats just stupid.. how can you think that the tech is this is only 500$ if a gf1 +20mm +evf costs you at least 700.. 750$

      whats wrong with you people

    • JBerardi

      “the other 500 you pay for the aesthetics and the uniqueness of the viewfinder.”

      Really? No chance that money pays for a great lens or highly-customized sensor? I mean, who knows how the thing will perform, but let’s actually see some results before jumping to conclusions.

      • Nikky

        I like the idea of a specialized camera, cause it exposes a simplicity no DSLR offers and maybe better image quality. It’s only that I’m happy with the image quality even of a 300$ DSLR (plus a 200$ prime lens). So if it’s really 500$ more for a better image quality, then I’m just not the target for this. High DR I would like, and high-ISO low noise as well, but hey, this is stuff is developing quickly even in cheap cams, look at the D3100. So for me it’s really only about the simplicity… and maybe, as I bet it is for most potential customers, the looks & feel.

    • Bob

      keep waiting then and stop whining….

  • Waterenigneer

    If you believe the camera is a competitor for the Leica x1 then US$1K looks like a deal.

    • Nikky

      OK, for a Leica you have to pay extra for the name also. So here no deal is possible because this cannot be competed. For Fuji though, this is not the case.

  • Michael

    I think the price is fine. Actually it’s the same as a Ricoh GXR withe the new A12 28mm f2.5 module. As a street photographer I’m really looking forward to this camera replacing my Nikon D300

  • I will be thrilled to pay $1000, if the camera delivers good image quality, accurate auto- and manual focus, decent high ISO performance and above all responsive handling. Thrilled.

  • na

    1000 for a point and shoot – worth it if this can beat the x1(function and image quality), or it will be just another overpriced p and s for rich mf

  • MG

    x100 will have better DR than the s5pro. show me a P&S that can do that.
    x100 will have a shutter responce of a 0,01s. show me a DSLR that can do that.
    x100 will cost 1000$. show me a digital rangefinder that can do that.
    35mm eq.. great form-factor.. I dont need more.
    my d300 is looking at me terrified, and it’s got good reasons to do so.

    • MG

      make that a rangefinder + a lens. I know the RD1 is about 1000$

  • Berlinhouse

    Good Morning.
    I also think this is way too much. In Europe 1000€ expected…

    But streetprice will be sure down after 3-4 months.
    The X100 will fit to many users-still me;)
    but i still think the x1 from Leica is still to close…around 1000€+Lightroom!!
    A price around 500-600€ for the x100 is maybe ok-nothing more!
    Remember, there are also some great “cheap” Sigma DP’s around!!!
    (DP1s+DP2s will cost together under 500€…)
    Nothing to compare, but think about it…
    cheers from Berlin Westside!

  • Axel

    It’s like the MF folder they came out with. It was way too high. For a bunch of camera nuts to say $1100 is okay is one thing, but to get others to buy it is another. I realize a D7000 doesn’t have a lens, but it’s gotta be 4x the camera as the Fuji, for $100 more. I know which one I’d spend my $1k on.

  • Bjorn

    Certainly is intriguing. However the proof is in the pudding or in this case the image.

    • Catastrophile

      the proof for me will be in the lens of the X200, hopefully not fixed to the camera nor to a single focal length like X100. Everybody is so excited about X100’s APS-C sensor but due to the lack of zoom power many of its photos will have to be cropped and then it is no longer effectively APS sensor and the photo quality can easily get below top compacts like G12 (5x zoom up to 140mm) or P7000 (7x up to 200mm).

  • Mark

    In Canada you can also pre order at Henry’s. It’s not on the website but you can call in an order, with refundable deposit. Prelim price is listed at 1100.00 subject to change once the costs are actually released by fujifilm to the retailers. I’ve got mine on order with Henry’s
    hope the camera will be decent.

  • John Caradimas

    $1,000 for a P&S?

    Yes, if it has the Nikon D3/D700 high-ISO performance and lack of noise.
    Yes, if it can autofocus as fast as Nikon’s above cameras, and track focusing on moving subjects as well.
    Yes, if it has a shutter as fast as the above cameras.
    Yes, if it has at least three removable, high quality lenses to select from.
    Yes, if the viewfinder is accurate and not like an approximation, like on film rangefinders.

    As far as I can tell from the Internet, there is at least one of the above the X100 doesn’t meet. So for me, $1,000 is too much money for it.

  • eoria

    @John Caradimas

    #if $1000 is too much then buy Samsung NX!

  • arnold

    I really don’t understand the people that are calling this camera a P&S. Another look at the pics of the camera and specs is in order. Or a look at the dictionary for the term P&S… If the X100 delivers what it promises, it will be a great side kick camera for a DSLR shooter.

    • regular

      Point & Shoot, because :
      – no interchangeable lens,
      – manual focus may not be pratical (no rangefinder)

      It may look like a Leica, but it seems like the usage will be totally different.

  • Joseph

    I have had mine on back order from Henrys since late October. Not really fresh news

    • The news is the price – you pre-order a camera without knowing the price?

  • mochapaulo

    Just too early to comment. If its image quality can out perform Leica X1, I think all people might shift to it. Pay $1000 for bigger aperture, better LCD resolution and lower price is still a good deal vs Leica X1’s almost 2,000 USD.

  • Latoya Bridges

    I think the price is fine. Actually it’s the same as a Ricoh GXR withe the new A12 28mm f2.5 module. As a street photographer I’m really looking forward to this camera replacing my Nikon D300

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