Latest updates for Red Epic camera

The latest updates on the Red Epic camera in the form of a Q&A session:

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  • amien

    I really like the concept & the balls thoses guys have to speak up thowards bigger lasy brands like canon & nikon. Their only problem seems to be funds, maybe they should associate with jvc or panasonic to boost the production time & help selling their incredible cameras into ratail – camera stores.

    • andre

      not gona hapen, because this RED Vaporware Incorporated will always try to sell for prices which will never show up in retail.
      6 years after puting first product into use, and still rarely anybody use them. Yes, latest jackass and some other movies were shot on RED and therefor promoted heavily, but there are 170 new high profile movies made every month in hollywood. Majority of months there is no RED featured release at all. Count with me

      All what they are trying to do, is to steer public knowledge to their side (which works, because most noobs cannot even tell competing systems by name, except maybe Sony) when most of the real pro world uses Alexa or many of other systems out there.

      • andre

        and canon? dont get me started. They own music video production at the moment. All RED is in use for is, to make few seconds slomo which is usually done with some rented system.
        RED cannot put against Sony and Canon to people who shoot video clips (or indie movies). Even if body would be low price, NOBODY of them will pay that whole package needed to get anything done.
        Canon on other side? They have rentals, lenses and bodies available on every corner and every second Granny have one 5D MKII already at home

        • Dude

          I think red at least fills a hole in the market.

          Better than a Video-DSLR and cheaper than a Sony pro Video-Cam.
          People who use the EOS 5D come from still and have interest in video as well.
          But pure video-graphers will never touch a DSLR.
          You need a lot of accessories to get a usable rig as well.
          DSLR lenses aren’t made for video work flow.
          You can’t zoom with steady speed, easy manual focus or focus and zoom out (many lenses switch focus position then), ….
          Don’t even get think about post processing.
          While you copy data from your DSLRs CF-Card, they video purists already started cutting.

          And if anything red is innovative and at the same time hugely listing to the user base.
          Something that big companies don’t seem to do.

      • David

        You are right, that there are, in comparison to other brands, only a few movies shot with RED. Still, there are quality shots made with Red, e.g. District 9, The Social Network, Che or the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean, to name only a few. In combination with great lenses, such as Cooke, Red is indeed able to deliver great quality in comparison to the costs. Of course, ARRI may be “state-of-the-art”, but you’ll have to pay much for it. RED fits in a niche between independent and professional, and in the right hands, it is already used professionally. And to be honest, I cannot complain about the quality of RED-shot movies. Thus, i am happy to see competition and hope, that the RED epic will be a success.

  • Bonetti

    Did anyone notice that the lens had finger print(oily)

    • eaj

      Nope, but I was distracted by the aquarium’s maintenance.

  • red all hype

    I agree with Andre. Red is mostly hype and they announce products that will “revolutionize” the DV world, but the products rarely make it to sale. If they are sold (like possible upcoming EPIC), they are sold as a totally watered down version than they first announced.
    More my hard earned cash, I would go with a more creditable company (Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Arri, etc).

    • Mark

      “..they are sold as a totally watered down version than they first announced.”

      Huh? I thought the problem with RED was the opposite. They keep changing and adding, so they never finish without massive delays. The 3K for 3K Scarlet should’ve been out two years ago.

  • Robert

    I direct TV commercials for a living. We use the RED ONE frequently. Field use and post work-flow are well established and a non-issue at this point – for spots anyway. Everyone is excited about the Alexa – as they always are when a new toy comes along. The Red is several years old at this point. The Alexa has been deployed for less than a year (and is still difficult to rent in some markets).

    I’ve shot a number of times with the Canon DSLRs – 5D mkII and 7D. They’re fine for music videos (which mainly live on the web these days, and whose budgets have plummeted in the last decade), but the image isn’t quite up to snuff for higher end work in my experience. But if you’re shooting in controlled lighting conditions, and shallow DOF is more important to your project than other considerations (such as usability, or delivering a super clean image for post fx), then they can do quite nicely.

    I refuse to get excited about any “upcoming” products, from Red or anyone else. They’re tools, nothing more. Every time a new product is announced, people seem to think it will cause a revolution in the way things are done. However, 35mm film remains the standard for high-end production in feature films (though that is changing thanks more to increased penetration of digital projection than anything else). Decent quality, low-to-mid cost video solutions have been around for years. If you haven’t made your independent film yet because you’re waiting for a new piece of technology, then you probably never will.

    My two cents.

  • GlobalGuy

    Does anyone else notice that the White Balance changes crazily in the Red video??

    • Harold Ellis

      it is REDsux, new feature of RED epic and RED one

      • AP

        People are what they do. A troll is a troll a movie producing guy is a movie producer. A guy who keeps whining is a whining person. etc you are what you do.

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