This is the new Samsung 85mm f/1.4 NX lens

This is how the previously rumored Samsung 85mm f/1.4 NX lens will look like. The details:

  • One low dispersion glass
  • 67mm diameter
  • Focus distance indicator
  • Two rings (focus ring in the front and iFn ring in the back)
  • SSA motor

According to Samsung's roadmap, in addition to the 85mm f/1.4, we should also see the following lenses in 2011:

  • Wide Pancake: 16mm F2.8 iFn
  • Macro: 60mm OIS F2.8 iFn
  • Movie Pro: 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OIS iFn
  • Movie Home: 16-80mm F3.5-4.5 OIS iFn

After all, Samsung wants to be the #1 in the mirrorless camera market by 2012 and be “the best selling camera brand” by 2015.

Image via DSLRMagazine

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  • AR

    Anyone care to guess how much this will cost? Samyang has a 85mm 1.4 that is currently $248.97 on Amazon and Nikon has one that is $1,699. I think this is a big hint that a much nicer camera body is on the way. I can’t imagine they’re going to sell such a high end lens with only the current bodies they are offering.

  • What’s the point of mirrorless when the lenses are this big?

    • Global

      The camera is small. That’s at least good to most people.

    • Sloaah

      The lens is also smaller than mirror equivalents – 67mm filter thread vs 77mm standard.

  • Din

    How says the mirrorless must be small?

    • I see your point, but at the same time, what’s the advantage of mirrorless if it’s not small?

      • WoutK89

        less moving parts, so less parts that can break.

    • shredlock

      my guess: for a given F stop of a given , the size of the lens is proportional to the distance from the film, so no doubt in my mind that the same lens for EVIL camera can be theoreatically designed smaller than an SLR lens. However, this is up to the designer (compare a bitsy Pentax 50f1.4 to the gigantic Sony counterpart, and you see what i mean)

  • mochapaulo

    Well, usually lens for APS-C cost much less than FF. $800 might still be OK, I guess

  • Camaman

    Where’ s the third ring for operating built in led lamp intensity!?
    This is fail! …maybe next model, I hope.

  • Artur Kozłowski

    Interesting look – halfway between recent Nikkors and Canon lenses.

  • Artur Kozłowski

    Who would have thought a few years ago that Samsung will be a major player in digital photography? Now they make their own primes. Impressive.

    • AR

      What I like is that they have so far delivered on all the lenses they said they would. Just in terms of primes they will be releasing this year: a 16mm 2.8, a 60mm 2.8 macro (wish they would have made this 2.0 so it could double as a portrait lens), and this 85mm 1.4. The already have a very nice 30mm pancake 2.0 and a 20mm 2.8. And compared to micro 4/3 the lenses are more reasonable in terms of price. Olympus and Panasonic had a big head start but at least as far as lenses are concerned I think Samsung will have the more mature system by the end of 2011. A lot of people would be very happy with just the 16mm, 60mm, and 85mm. I hope they offer at least one of those as a kit lens.

  • GovPavlicek

    I have a Panasonic G1. Also interested in the technical aspects of all camera’s. The Samsung NX10/11 body could use a much better sensor;these are readily available from Sony. Or Samsung has to make a better one themselves. It’ll come.
    But like AR said: Samsungs lens lineup is much smarter than Panasonics’. These 60 and 85mm lenses are great. 85mm is on the long side for portraits, but still falls wihtin the accepted 80-135mm (35mm) range. The 60m macro is also very welcome and could be used as a portrait lens.
    Look at Panasonic. We now have so many lenses that cover 14mm. We have a 3D lens, yes…And we miss a good portrait lens. The 45mm f2.8 Leica is a macro lens, not a portrait lens and at f2.8 it misses the DOF the 1.4 Samsung has (certainly on APS-c).
    Panny needs to come up with a 50mm f1.4-f1.7 lens for portraits. If it is very good, it may cost 500-800 euro. I don’t mind. It needs to be small and good.

    Back to Samsung: great job, well done at firstglance. What do these things weigh and I wonder how much they will cost…

  • El Aura

    Why does a DX-only lens system uses focal lengths designed for FX?

    On FX (ie, film), 85 mm and 105 mm lenses where much more popular than 135 mm lenses but now we are supposed to prefer 135 mm equivalent lenses?

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