Some Fuji x100 “insider information”

In the past few weeks the twitter feed of the The Fuji Guys has provided a lot of details on the Fuji x100 camera. Here is a compilation of their X100 related tweets (some of the information may already be publicly available):

  • In the "Sleep" state, camera start-up time will be 0.7sec.
  • Digital zoom of 3x will be available for Fuji X100 during video to get from 35mm to 105mm.
  • 180 degree motion panorama available on Fuji X100, 7680x1440 horizontal or 7680x2160 vertical shooting.
  • Fuji X100 can shoot macro approx. 10cm when macro mode enabled.
  • Fuji X100 has 49 point metering area selection.
  • When the shutter dial is set to "T" on Fuji X100, shutter stays open for a set time from 1.2s - 30s. Press once open press again close shut.
  • With the OVF, you will be able to see a little of the scene outside the shooting frame.

  • A "Commander" mode is available on the Fuji X100.
  • You can disable the beeps if you want like all Fuji cameras.
  • Shutter lag numbers for the Fuji X100 have not been provided yet from Tokyo but it is very minimal.
  • Fuji X100 uses 4 leaf shutter not like DSLR. This allows for high speed flash sync, quiet, and durable.
  • Fuji X100 aperture info: uses 9 blade aperture diaphragm giving excellent "Bokeh"
  • Fuji X100 focus and shutter sounds very much like a Fuji F300EXR.
  • Fuji X100 will be released same time as all our '11 models, in March '11.
  • Nothing will be decided for colors until X100 is available in the market. We have heard interest of black and may consider.
  • Tested shots up to 3200 ISO, looks very clean however can't post as the camera is still in early pre-production.
  • No current plans for teleconverter for Fuji X100 however with the adapter ring, I am sure a 3party converter lens would work.
  • Fuji X100 looks like a fighter pilot heads up display. Press halfway down, you get exposure EVF preview.
  • AF is fast, including shutter lag but model is not final yet so cannot provide numbers.
  • Fuji x100 does not have a loud shutter sound as the Panasonic GF2. In fact, it is very quiet.
  • RAW on Fuji X100 is RAF (Fuji 12-bit Raw), custom version of Silkpix will be included for RAW conversion. In camera RAW conversion=Yes
  • Fuji X100 "bokeh" is really nice using 35mm F2. Seems to have a nicer Bokeh than my S5pro with a 35mm F1.8 (52.5mm)
  • Fuji X100 mode explained, aperture set to "A", dial set to "A" = Auto, aperture set to "a" dial set to any shutterspeed = shutter priority
  • Fuji X100 function button options, iso (default), preview depth of field, imag size, quality, dynamic range, film sim, nd filter, af, movie
  • Fuji X100, manual focus, there will be focus distance for both OVF and EVF with option for manual focus check (zoom in centre).
  • Fuji X100 can set, color/sharpness/highlight tone/shadow tone/noise reduction.
  • Fuji X100 base iso will be iso200. Low setting can be set for 100 iso and up to 12800.
  • Fuji X100 manual focus is fly-by-wire. Focus ring can be adjusted to rotate clock-wise or counter clockwise.
  • Fuji X100 does not need I.S., everything becomes perfectly still when it shoots.
  • Fuji X100 manual focusing is mechanical.
  • Fuji X100 will use NP-95 Li-ion battery. "Made in Japan" will remain etched on the back of the camera.
  • Fuji X100 will retain last setting selected when turned off and on again.
  • HD output on Fuji X100 will be 1280x720 at 24fps. Aperture Priority AE can be used whilst shooting movies.
  • Fuji X100 will have optional adapter ring (metal) with a 49mm thread to attach filters. Lens hood (Metal) will also be optional accessory
  • "FN" button on #Fuji X100 will default to quick ISO selection. "FN" button can be reassigned to other options however.

I strongly suggest you follow the The Fuji Guys on twitter If you are interested in the Fuji X100 camera - they post related updates on a daily basis. I will post another update in few weeks.

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