Kenko to unveil their interchangeable lenses digital camera tomorrow (C-mount) *UPDATED*

Update: Here is diagram of the new Kenko C-mount camera system and its compatibility with other products (click on image for larger view) - it seems that Keno will release a C-mount adapter for existing Tokina lenses:

This camera was supposed to be shown at Photokina, but the prototype got lost... DCWatch now reports that this mirrorless camera will be announced tomorrow (February 1st). The camera will have a C-mount (closed-circuit television cameras mount).

The rest of the specs:

  • 6mm f/1.4 standard lens
  • 14Mpix sensor of unknown size BUT should be 1/2.3″ for which 6mm real focal corresponds to 35mm on full frame camera, hence the sensor should be the widely-spread 1/2,3″ 14+ Mpix sensor from Sony
  • No RAWs, only JPEGs
  • Magnesium-alloy body
  • Available in February 2011
  • MSRP: ¥30,000 ≈ $350
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    • asu


      • asdasd

        that could be cool! I have some amazing lenses for C-Mount.
        7mm f1.0, 14 f1.8 etc. They are small and optically perfect.

    • Mark

      I hope they don’t change a thing in the design.

    • chris

      why would anyone bother with this camera?
      just buy a olympus xz1.. has the same sensor size and f1.8-f2.5 (28-112mm)
      and it has good autofocus,raw, movie etc.

      that kenko thing is basically a box with a tiny sensor and a mount for manual lenses lol

      • John Bowen

        Actually, the Oly has a larger sensor, at 1/1.63, so the case to own one is even stronger.

    • pnutz

      At $350 MSRP (which means it should be around $300 street) this will probably sell like hotcakes to be honest. The average Joe won’t care about RAW, and hipster will love the idea of what amounts to a Digital Holga.

    • ZDP-189

      Scoop! Here’s the pic from the official website showing the camera and full camera system.

      • ZDP-189
        • Thanks, I have not see that before, will publish it online.

        • pnutz

          Interesting. They even have a C-Mount to Telescope and Spotting scope adapter and what looks like 12 lenses on launch. I don’t think there are even 12 lenses in Oly’s or Panasonic m4/3rds systems yet.

          • WoutK89

            Those 12 lenses seem to me to be Tokina lenses, which can be used with an adapter????

            • pnutz

              Well according to the poster it looks like 9 of said lenses are native C-Mount. They could be using an adapter for other Tokina lenses.

    • benjamin

      i believe they have tokina’s 80-400 in the poster.. imagine 400 * 6= 2400mm f/5.6…

      i ve tried making somethign like this a couple of times from old cameras.. this would be interesting..

      • ZDP-189

        Yes, besides the C-mount lenses, I see an adapter for two larger lenses, plus a digiscoping adapter, and various flashes. This makes a lot of sense as a niche digiscoping capture platform that can be expanded to other lens mounts. I’m looking forward to shooting my big Cosmicar lens, though.

        • Global

          Does this auto-focus or is it another what-you-twist-is-what-you-get system of manual?

          Anyway, not knowing anything about Kenko and all that junk theyre attaching to it, I’d rather just get a Canon P&S S95. Any more information/comparisons would probably be appreciated (by Kenko), because just being honest, I’m sort of dismissing it out of hand.

          Why would anyone want this over, say, a Nikon D3100?

          • PP

            Kenko = Hoya = Tokina

            So they know how to make lenses (and some very good ones too) we already know that.

            The question is wether or not they can make a good camera.

            • PP
            • benjamin

              i just realized why their site is THKphoto!!! i ve been trying to figure out for years… thanks!

    • jason

      Maybe this is the NIKON evil! Orz…

    • chris

      i’m assuming this is a rangefinder?

      • Rob V

        No, it’s not. A rangefinder has, well, a rangefinder, to focus the lens. This only has a live view screen.

        • chris

          there goes any interest i had in this camera hah.

    • benjamin

      pity.. if it had raw, i would go ‘i might get one!’.. if it had the the 1/1.63 and raw, i t would be ‘i AM getting one’

    • FD

      It looks like a pretty cool camera and it was a good idea too, they are trying to catch a niche market after seeing the fun people have had adapting weird and wonderful lenses to m 4/3 cameras. Just think of all those ultra fast cine zooms that don’t quite cover the 4/3 sensor!

      The only problems I can see are the lack of raw mode, this camera will appeal to pixel peeping lens nerds after all and also a movie is a major omission when you consider many people will buy this camera to use old cine lenses with. I’m sure it doesn’t take that much to add a 1080p video mode these days, it’s normally unlockable with firware hacks even on small compacts. I expect those features might turn up in the future if this one sells well.

      I’m very intruiged overall though, they have seen a gap in the market and I may be tempted to buy one myself!

    • Bob Howland

      So do all of these lenses fit??

      • FD

        The C-mount ones should and maybe the cs mount too with an adapter it depends on if the image the lens projects is big enough to cover the sensor and as the sensor is so small it’s possible. There are a lot of really nice c mount zooms with very fast apertures as well as a lot of fixed focal c mount lenses from old cine cameras etc that don’t cover the micro 43 sensor but will work on this cam.

        • Igorek7

          Nonetheless, I expect a better imaging quality on the unvignetted field of view of the micro 43 sensor. I hope the “MSRP: ¥30,000 ≈ $350” includes the camera body plus 2-3 of those C-mount lenses with it.

    • Mistral75

      Report from DC Watch:

      14 MPixels sensor (size not specified), SD card, presented with a bunch of Tokina CCTV lenses

      as well as Nikon F and T mount adapters together with Tokina FF lenses and Tokina field scope:

    • Bob Howland

      Am I seeing things or is that flash shoe on the top of the camera cold (i.e., no electrical connection to sync the flash)? The poster shows four flashes. How are they being sync’d? I have heard that there is/was a low latency variant of Bluetooth being developed that might be used to sync flashes, replacing the optical interface used by Canon (and maybe Nikon).

      • pnutz

        It’s a mockup unit, sorta proof of concept. I’m pretty sure the final version will have an actual hotshoe

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