Kenko’s interchangeable lenses digital camera (C-mount)

In addition to the previous specs, Kenko's interchangeable lenses C-mount digital camera will not have a built-in flash but it will be compatible with other Tokina products like lenses, flashes, and field scopes. The camera will have a SD card slot. Expected to be released in Summer of 2011. Nikon F a T mount adapters are also planned:

Via DCWatch

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  • pnutz

    Wonder what the final product will look like, and whether it would be sold as a Kenko product or sold under some other name (Perhaps Tokina, perhaps Flashpoint etc)

    • ZDP-189

      Looks like it has a Kenko badge on it below the display.

      • pnutz

        That may only be on the mockup

  • mambastik

    Searching through eBay, C-mounts are pretty tiny. Screw on an adapter with a legacy zoom lens and the body might even snap.

    • ZDP-189

      Please don’t be so quick to dismiss that with which you are less familiar.

      The C-mount is plenty strong enough. I have several C-mount lenses. One is a heavy Cosmicar TV lens, a 75mm f/1.4, which I use on my GF-1. Which brings me to my second point…

      They are dirt cheap for what they are. The 75/1.4 was a gift, but I think it only cost about $150. On the M4/3 with the crop factor, it’s like a 150mm focal length with a F/1.4 exposure characteristics but a more manageable, but still dramatic, F/2.8 depth of field.

      I also have some smaller C-mount lenses, an ES2514MC (25mm F/1.4 1/2″ C) and a US3517MC (35mm F/1.7 2/3″ C). The 25mm has some really funky but artistic focus effects on the M4/3, but the 35mm is less so. These are the equivalent of a fast fifty and a 65/1.7 on a M4/3 . I want to shoot wider lenses, there’s a whole lot out there but they’re not compatible with M4/3… they only work on C-mount.

      There are drawbacks, admittedly. Firstly, the small 1/2/3″ sensor is only as big as a Ricoh CX4, so don’t expect commercial quality image rendition, but a decent consumer grade is definately within reach.

      Secondly, the 4x crop factor is extreme. Luckily, there are many cheap lenses with a very short focal length. My 75mm would become a 300mm F/1.4, good for sports days or bird watching (and very fast). Actual digiscoping would be out of this world performance. The 11mm diagonal of a 1/ 2/3″ sensor is a still bigger than a human eye pupil (3-7mm) but the conversion optics will be much less extreme that would be needed to bend it onto a 22mm M4/3, a 27mm APS-C, or a 43mm full frame sensor. That will make a huge difference in image quality. It should also be a good choice for pairing onto night vision equipment, which larger sensor cameras do badly.

      Are you now starting to see why some people are excited about the prospect of a small-sensor C-mount camera?

      • asdasd

        same for me, but they will never finish it. it will be just another product, made once, forgotten few days after release with no follower, no accessories of any kind to be found etc.

  • ZDP-189

    I’ve been looking at the detailed show photos shown on the impress watch website, made a list of the major system components and summarised their specifications below:

    CCTV Lenses
    Model Brand Prod Range Focal Len Aperture Min Foc Filter Len Wt Status
    KCM-H0514MP Tokina Megapixel CCTV 5mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.1mm M43 P0.75 45.5mm 102g Shown
    TC0614 Tokina Manual Iris 6mm F/1.4~C 0.3mm None 38.0mm 75g Shown (on camera)
    KCM-0814MP Tokina Megapixel CCTV 8mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.1mm M30.5 P0.5 28.2mm 70g Shown
    KCM-1214MP Tokina Megapixel CCTV 12mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.15mm M30.5 P0.5 28.2mm 62g Shown
    KCM-12514MP5 Tokina Ultra High Res 5M 12.5mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.15mm M46 × 0.75 66.8mm 205g Shown
    KCM-1614MP Tokina Megapixel CCTV 16mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.3mm M30.5 P0.5 28.2mm 60g Shown
    TC1628HD Tokina Megapixel CCTV 16mm F/2.8~F/22 0.35mm None 48.0mm 104g Shown
    KCM-1814MP5 Tokina Ultra High Res 5M 18mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.2mm M46 × 0.75 73.5mm 281g Shown
    KCM-2514MP Tokina Megapixel CCTV 25mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.3mm M30.5 P0.5 36.0mm 71g Shown
    KCM-5018MP Tokina Megapixel CCTV 50mm F/1.8~F/16~C 0.5mm M30.5 P0.5 38.2mm 85g Shown
    KCM-3514MP Tokina Megapixel CCTV 35mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.3mm M30.5 P0.5 38.2mm 87g Shown (obscured behind camera)

    There are also some lenses of the same lens series and mounting spec in the Tokina product line up that were not shown:
    KCM-7528MP Tokina Megapixel CCTV 75mm F/2.8~F/16~C 0.3mm M30.5 P0.5 57.8mm 113g Not shown (new)
    KCM-0914MP5 Tokina Ultra High Res 5M 9mm F/1.4~F/16~C 0.1mm M46 × 0.75 54.0mm 180g Not shown (new)

    Distortion Free Inspection Lenses
    Model Brand Prod Range Optical Mag WD DoF Res Len Wt Status
    KCM-015DF Tokina Distortion Free 0.05~0.15x 215~66mm 8.7 ~ 72mm 26 ~ 73μm 12.5mm 20g Shown
    KCM-02DF Tokina Distortion Free 0.08~0.2x 202~82mm 5.1 ~ 28mm 46 ~ 20.3μm 14mm 23g Shown
    KCM-04DF Tokina Distortion Free 0.15~0.4x 180~78mm 1.32 ~ 7.5mm 10.5 ~ 23μm 21.5mm 31g Shown
    KCM-06DF Tokina Distortion Free 0.4~0.6x 113~83mm 0.57 ~ 1.09mm 6.8 ~ 8.9μm 43.5mm 50g Shown

    I don’t know what these are, but I suspect them to be fixed aperture wide angle lenses with distortion corrected optics.

    Spotting Scope
    Model Brand Prod Range Objective Optical Mag FoV Exit Pupil Min Foc Filter Len Wt Status
    PF80S Kenko Pro Field 80mm 20-60x 1.8-1 .1° 16-1.7 6m 86mm 439mm 1275g Shown

    Model Brand Prod Range Focal Len Objective Lim Mag Light GP Res Finder Wt Status
    SE 102 SEII Kenko Sky Explorer II 500mm 102mm 11.81 212.32x 1.14s 9×50 double 5.1kg Shown

    Kenko makes several optical scopes, but this one was displayed as an example.

    SLR Lenses
    Model Brand Type Mount Focal Len Aperture
    AT-X 840 D Tokina SLR Nikon 80-400mm F/F 4.5-5.6
    AT-X M100 PRO D Tokina SLR Nikon 100mm F/2.8

    Supposedly a these require a Nikon F to C-mount adapter. Why did they only show full frame D-lenses? Would DX not be OK?

    Kenko and Tokina do not make flashes, instead they showed Metz auto flashes.

    Metz 20 C-2 Auto Flash
    Metz 36 C-2 Auto Flash
    Metz Mecablitz 45 CL-4 Digital (SCA 3002)
    Metz Mecablitz 76 MZ-5 Digital (SCA 3002)

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