Sigma shows 30mm f/2.8 E-mount lens prototype

Sigma E-mount 30mm f/2.8 lens prototype

Sigma E-mount 30mm f/2.8 lens prototype

After Sigma endorsed Sony's decision to let other manufacturers produce E-mount lenses, they showed their first prototype of a E-mount 30mm f/2.8 lens for Sony NEX system at the CP+ show in Japan.

Via DCWatch

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  • ZDP-189

    So it’s not an April fool’s joke!?!

  • What’s a Pentax?

    Samsung already offers a 30mm/2 on their NX system. Sigma needs to open this lens up to f2.0 and make sure it’s sharp to boot.

    • Exactly.. and 2,5times smaller HQ pancake.. Hope Sigma gets the message..

  • Igorek7

    “The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the development of new lenses for Micro Four Thirds and E-mount camera system.”
    I will be not surprised if each of those lens makers will simultaneously release both E-mount and Micro Four Thirds mounts, which means they will be the APS-C size big. At the same time considering that some of the Sigma lenses have soft edges on a APS-C, the cut-out of the less-sharp edges to a MFT-size FOV may provide some benefit.

  • amien

    1.4 ok, but 2.8 …….. for a prime lens ?

  • Me

    30/2.8 ? Who cares, really!??

  • Bruce

    I am attending the CP+ Expo in Yokohama tomorrow (Feb 10th). Any special requests?

    With Sigma and Tamron jumping on board the E-Mount bandwagon it seems to me the design basis for these new lenses will shift to optimize performance on the E-Mount vs. m4/3. Hopefully they all “get it” that it’s FAST primes that folks are looking for.

    Here is my NEX-5 walk-around lens kit:

    Sony-E 16/2.8 E
    Nikkor-G 24/1.4G (w/Rayqual G adapter)
    Leica-M 35/1.4 (w/CV adapter)
    Leica-M 50/1.4 (w/CV adapter)

    The whole kit plus spare batteries, SD cards, map/guide, pens, Moleskin notepad and iPad fits neatly in my Porter Smoky shoulder bag (Model#592-07628).

    • Bruce, if you can just take as many pictures as possible from the different booths and send it to me or upload them on flickr it would be great. Also, if you see any roadmaps, please take a picture of it. Thanks!

      • Bruce

        You can see my email address… please send me yours.

  • My guess is this is a macro lens. Otherwise I don’t see why it would be this big or slow.

    • Bruce

      Sony’s own E-Mount roadmap just released includes a 30mm Macro… Not sure how fast it is though, a good guess would be f/2.8 which begs the question if Sigma would bite the bullet and go for a 30/2.0 or better (please!).

      • Mistral75

        The Sony E 30mm macro is supposed to be f/3.5.

  • Somebody

    Sigma makes all of panasonics micro 4/3 lenses already….

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