Two new sensors from Sony

Sony developed a 17.7MP sensor that can “convert multiple pixels into signals simultaneously” and achieve up to 75% reduction of the conversion time compared to existing sensors. Some more specs:

  • can shoot video at 120fps
  • processing speed of 34.8Gbps
  • low power consumption
  • for use in cell phone and digital cameras

Sony also announced a 1/2.3" 12.4MP BSI CMOS sensor that can provide 42fps at full resolution and 1080p/60fps video. See detailed specs at

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  • Jesus_sti

    Huummmmm … I have seen a link with the D800 news … !

  • spam

    Excellent news, I was afraid that the small sensors would stop at 16MP.

    • regular

      that’s irony 🙂

  • Camaman

    It was exciting till the phone camera part…
    Anyway, that other sensor… Would that men quad full HD at 42fps?

  • PhotoNut

    The 17.7Mpixel CMOS image sensor is an APS-C sensor, not a small compact sensor or camera phone module.

  • ahh wow, 18mpx at 120fps…. that would be a dream, but I guess this will end up in their 4K video camera that will be megabucks

    • ZDP-189

      That’d be great as long as the processor, buffer and storage medium can keep up.

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