Canon joins the list of companies supporting Intel’s Thunderbolt technology

Intel announced that Canon will join other companies that support the new Thunderbolt technology. No further details were provided. Few weeks ago there were rumors that the upcoming Nikon D4 will also support Thunderbolt.

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  • ZDP-189

    I don’t care. I prefer to use a card reader. I never did like plugging peripherals into the PC.

    • El Aura

      This might be most relevant for video applications, there Thunderbolt will make a difference.

  • Global

    Sounds expensive. D800 price just rose.

  • hobo

    Sounds great, except it’s Microsoft, so it’s not going to be intuitive or user friendly, and viruses likely will be a big issue. Don’t know if I want my brand spankin’ new, uber-expensive D4 to get knocked out by some virus or malware.

    • Geoff

      Given that Apple and Intel are the main groups behind this, I do not see how your blatant baiting post applies at all.

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