Rumor: Sony is working on a digital camera with integrated 3G connection

Gdgt reported a rumor that Sony is working on a digital camera with integrated 3G connection. This will not be another smart phone, but rather a Cybershot camera that will allow instant upload of images online via an integrated 3G connection. Sony already has a Cybershot phone in Japan and such camera will not require a lot of R&D:

Panasonic also has a "Lumix Phone" that was announced in October of 2010.

Eye-Fi is also working on an iPhone app that will allow you exactly the same thing - upload images from your camera online. The connection will be established via the Eye-Fi card in your camera and the iPhone app. See my Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB SDHC memory card review for more details.

Via SlashGear

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  • Jon

    This is a logical (and I would say inevitable) step. At the moment smartphones have an advantage over point and shoots as they support immediate sharing (without needing an Eye-Fi card and hotspot).

    As the quality of smartphone cameras increases, low-to-medium end point and shoots will start to look unattractive without this sharing.

    The other area where point and shoots can learn from smartphones is to add in-camera image processing and even downloadable apps. Just look at the popularity of apps like Hipstamatic. All it would take is for someone to put Android in a camera with a touch screen.

  • pointshooter

    Wow, that will bring youtube, facebook and flcir even closer. 🙂

    • Glen Barrington

      Yes! Even MORE teenagers dancing in front of a camera! I’m excited!

  • Igorek7

    Hmm, Panasonic announced 13.2 Mpix Lumix camera phone in October 2010, that already comes with Wi-Fi, 3G, expandable memory, and dedicated camera function buttons.

    • oh yeah, I forgot that one, updated the post

  • Tony

    No more eye-fi ?

  • ZDP-189

    Though I am loathe to admit it, phones are the future of consumer compact cameras, just like smartphones became the future of PDAs and personal GPS. Convergence driven by common components and architecture all in a pocketable package. When the moment happens it’s captured not by a Red Epic, not by a 1D MkIV, but a forest of handphones. what we end up with is a spectrum of devices from dedicated phones to dedicated compact cameras, with various combinations in the middle. I guess it’s a fundamentally good idea and I would buy it, except it’s made by Sony, and if my experiences of their past products are anything to go by then it’ll be a good idea let down by poor noise handling,a slow processor and a blinged-up counter intuitive user interface.

  • Din

    Sony already had a 3G camera, the Cybershot G3.
    Samsung has 3 models with WiFi and completely web connection to emails, social networks, online albums and yotube.
    Even they have teathering mode with 3G cellphones.

  • Camaman

    Finally more talk of this.
    This should be implemented by every body. What harm can connectivity bring?
    They skipped blutooth… Implement wifi and 3g and you are done…:-)

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