Canon EOS 7D Mark II gets listed on Norwegian online store

Online store listings of unannounced products are usually not very reliable indicator of what's coming next. Here is a Norwegian online retailer that listed the Canon 7D Mark II camera with a release date of April 20, 2011. The price is
17486 NOK (3140.30 USD). The product number 3814B031 seems to be for the existing Canon EOS 7D + 15-85mm lens combo.

Maybe another April 1st joke?

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  • This is very likely a fuck-up by the retailer. You’ll find a link to the kit in question in out price-checking sevice, here:
    That would not be the case if it was an altogether new product.

  • Greg Kay

    Ah, those norwegians. Almost as if this store is an attention whore, whos sales depend on spreading FUD like this.

  • The store is decent enough – I’ve ordered stuff from them several times – but it’s first and foremost a computer store, not a camera store. I suspect it’s a typo due to someone not knowing the difference between the 5D Mark II and the 7D.

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