Is this invisible camera possible?

Updated - this is a 100% hoax since the camera will be "shipped" a week form Friday - on April 1st...

This video describes "The Invisible Camera" which is a see-through plastic box with a pinhole that can completely isolate the film from the ambient light and take a correct exposure. What do you think, it this real or a hoax?

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  • About 2 minutes into the video, I checked the date to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

    • I say it’s fake too

      • Joe R.

        1/100,000 of a second @ f/128 with 0.002 ISO film.

        It’s theoretically correct. It will be completely black which gives it an infinite resolution. Exopixels soon I’m sure!

  • MG

    german sense of humour.

  • they promised a demo camera to fstoppers that will ship a week from Friday – on April 1st!
    100% hoax

  • Nathan

    Wait, he just promised ISO 1/500th which would be basically COMPLETELY insensitive to light, then he promised fast shutter speed on a pinhole camera.

    What he’s saying is that the film won’t ever expose. At that sensitivity, and at that aperture, it would take WEEKS to expose an image, not thousandths of a second.

    Really, he needs sensitivities 50,000X higher in order to take minute long exposures in broad daylight.

    This doesn’t even address the fact that a camera has to be a dark box. Every single thing in this video is the opposite of a camera in every way. It fails to be funny, though.

    Terapixel? Seriously? On film? Nothing he can do will change the size of a silver oxide molecule or crystal. It’s just gobbledygook.

  • chris

    seriously admin? you asked if this was real or a hoax? ^^

    • the video was very well made for a hoax, they even made the prototype 🙂

    • mog

      @PR admin

      The prototype is just a Skink pinhole lens glued to an acrylic box. The film back is just a Fidelity Elite. They don’t even bother to hide the “Skink” lizard logo from the lens.

      I can make that in an afternoon.

      You also know its not “polorized glass” as you can clearly see where the acrylic was glued together. Acrylic adhesives are very unique in that they actually weld the different plastic together by melting it, its called ‘solvent welding’. You can see this at the edges of the ‘prototype’. Obviously this does not happen with glass, making a glass box of that size is very difficult and would look very different from what he is holding. Not to mention that ain’t polarized (glass or acrylic) either way.

  • Ben

    someone has way too much time on their hands…..

  • mochapaulo

    haha… may not be a joke if they imply an optical camouflage coating of the camera body. Japan has already made a rain shelter which cab be wearing on the body. But of course, lens is unable to hide.

  • Anon

    Ahahahaha. They’re using 4×5 sheet film…what a waste.

    • Eric

      what ? how is it a waste, its obviously a hoax but how is using 4×5 or any other size of film a waste?

  • Rob V

    Reciprocity failure at such fast shutter speeds would be enormous. And the loss of resolution due to diffraction present in pinholes would make those “terapixels” of resolution useless (even if it weren’t for the physical limitations regarding molecule sizes).

  • RainerE


  • Haha, compliments to Chris Marquardt for this great april fools 🙂

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