Rumors of Fuji X200 and X300 are already floating around

Taken from this dpreview thread:

"Have had my X100 for a week now ... puts any of the 4/3 compacts out their to shame. Pretty sure they have a winner here...and Fuji has confirmed an X300 next year that will have interchangeable lenses."

"I'm in the pro photo supply biz...this is from Fuji. They have decided to pursue what they call the serious prosumer market. The plans are that in the fall they will release an X200...a simplified 'p&s' version of the x100. If these cameras do well they plan on the interchangeable lens version sometime next year."

Maybe this is related to an earlier message from Fuji on Twitter? How about this tweet from yesterday:

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  • What’s a Pentax?

    Go Full Frame (24×36) Fuji! Bring out some awesome EBC lenses for the interchangeable camera!!!

  • Brilliant idea! Not everybody who wants to take quality photographs wants to use a giant Canon DSLR…not everybody who enjoys using cameras can afford 10 grand for Leica. Bring it on Fuji! Cameras don’t all have to look and operate the same!

    • MK

      i think complaining about $10K leica and then using a aps-c with a fixed lens for $1.2K as an example of an alternative is puzzling. i refuse leicas. i also refuse x100. there are too many alternatives that will get the job done for less. you wont look as cool with another camera, but you can buy cigarettes with the $ you save

      • Torben

        @MK must beels bad to be poor, right?… 🙁 you should try a $10 Leica, I enjoy it a lot, poor you… so poor…

        • MK

          i’d beel a lot worse if i had spelling, logic, or jokes like yours 🙂

  • Marvin8

    A simplified P&S version? I’d bet against it.

  • Just make it a true rangefinder. Drop AF. I would love the option of a full-frame (or even crop sensor) digital rangefinder that didn’t cost upwords of $6k.

    • Craig Houdeshell

      US$6K is wrong. You are forgetting you need to bolt a lens on the front of that US$6K body.

    • +1. I would love a proper long base length rangefinder with a direct coupled manual focus. Something like a digital Zeiss Ikon ZM.

      If the lens can be changed, all the better. If it has a full frame sensor and M-mount to boot for a similar price as a x100 or ZM, then I will be over the moon.

  • TaoTeJared

    That sounds great! Give Leica a run for their money! Now if they use the Leica or M39 mount to force Leica to compete. I would prefer AF though! The idea of leaf shutters is great!

    Maybe the the niche in the market for these will finely be filled!

  • Steve

    Probably related to this tweet from February. Looks like a fall release of a X200.

  • Well, I’m all for it, I’ll just continue using the X200 till then.

  • Kevin

    The X100 was so wildly popular, Fuji would be nuts not to follow it with something…

  • I have a twinge of suspicion. I don’t know Bob Todrick from Adam, but either Fuji trusted him with the scoop of the year (their next 12 month roadmap of their most exciting line) or there’s some wishful thinking going on. See the thread, read the context and make your own judgement call. I’m not sure I can tell.

    Link to his original post on

  • Axel

    I’d be okay with a non rangefinder camera. One with an LED that lights up when the focus is correct (ala Nikon and others, who use MF lenses with DSLRs). This would tremendously simplify the camera, rather than making a RF adjust for all the myriad of lenses that would be available.

  • Fuji can easily continue to sell X100’s the rest of the year.
    When sales slow down they can release a slightly tweaked BLACK version and sell a bunch more. For better or for worse seems premature to start releasing other models?

  • Joachim2

    I would like a cheap x200 as alternative to the x100. Objective and sensor as in x100, but with no video, no macro, no EVF, only one (central) AF-field, possibly phase-detection AF (because it is cheap and fast, see analogue Leica CM), an extra optical zoom (via firmware) fixed to 70mm, built-in optical viewfinder with frames for 35 and 70mm, support for (manual) hyperfocal focusing

  • Enigma

    I really dont get this rumor. First Fuji is still unable to supply the increasing demand for the X100 due to manufacturing problems, and they leaked information with regards to the X100’s successor the X300? This would just hurt the X100’s sales, and this product hasn’t even reached the peak of its product life cycle. Second, Fuji specifically marketed the X100 saying that the 23mm lens and the EXR sensor was designed for each other thus creating top IQ, and now they’re saying that “oh you could now change the lens on the X300, we were just lying about the X100”.

    If Fuji plans to follow in Oly’s footstep (releasing new models within a 6 month period) then forget about the X100. Premium price of $1200 should be placed on premium cameras, not cameras that would be replaced the next day. I really feel that this Bob Todrick is a bunch of lies as well as the person who told him the information, but if ever the rumors were true then Fuji’s market would definitely go down the drain in the long run, they paved a niche and they should stay on it, preserve the X100’s iconic image, it is worth preserving.

    • I should be shooting

      They already have my money for an X100, and they’ll get more of it for an X300. Same way as I shoot with a Hexar AF and two M6s.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    I hope the new Fuji interchangeable camera will be able (with adapter) to use use Leica and Voigtlander “M” lenses. The lenses are small and kick butt.

    Please go full frame Fuji!

  • broxibear

    Very interesting comparison between the X100 and GF1 on this French site, use google translate to read the text but to see the images you’ll need to go to the original links.
    The X100 is double the price of the GF1…plus I’m biased as I own a GF1 lol.

    • LGO

      I have the GH2 which is better than the GF1. I also just got the X100 3-days ago.

      A quick comparo between the GH2 (with the 20mm f/1.7) and the X100 shows that the X100 is clearly better than the GH2 for still photo.

  • Disiderio

    Make it fixed 35mm on a full frame sensor and you have a winner – a Yashica t4 for the digital generation. I’ll happily pass up buying a replacement for my d700 if this was offered.

  • Enigma

    As quoted from Bob Todrick: “Pretty sure they have a winner here…and Fuji has confirmed an X300 next year that will have interchangeble lenses.” and after a couple of post later he changed what he said, “The plans are that in the fall they will release an X200…a simplifed ‘p&s’ version of the x100. If these cameras do well they plan on the interchangeble lens version sometime next year.” I really dont know what this pompous ass is trying to stir up, but his words alone are contradicting, first he tells everyone that Fuji CONFIRMED that there would be an X300 next year, then he changes it to an IF after that.

    LINK to where it was quoted:

  • zeissgit

    just more distracting propaganda to keep companies attended too. they’ve just released a so-so camera and don’t want to drop out of the limelight.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    There’s a big difference between a rumor and speculation and pure fantasy.

    I think this is all fantasy.

    • LGO

      I agree.

  • Nathan

    Don’t go full frame. Go 24mm square. Maximize the current APS-C size image circle by not wasting half of its area on black plastic. Put the light on the sensor.
    Then, allow aspect ratio selection which does not decrease the diagonal size. It’s been done in micro four thirds but at smaller geometries (18mm).

    If done right, you get to make APS-C type lenses but can have the versatility street photographers will find attractive. RAW should read out the whole sensor for later cropping, regardless of selected aspect ratio.

    The X series should be about being different. Don’t try to be Leica, but try to compete as a tool in the same space as Leica’s rangefinders- but for those of us who don’t have trust funds. Any photographic tool that is useful to a million-dollar photographer is likely to still be useful to the pro-am or 50,000 a year photographer.

    Oh, and if it’s a choice between pixels and ISO, remember that first and foremost, we would like to shoot available light. Give us CLEAN ISO 6400 and we won’t care if it’s 14 or 10 or 12 MP or 29 MP. It’s irrelevant to have more pixels if the low signal-to-noise ratio decreases their contribution to image information.

    If it’s going to have interchangeable lenses, don’t even bother with telephoto above 200mm. That’s DSLR territory. We need FAST wides, FAST normals, and FAST portrait lenses, not birding glass. Please don’t bother making birding glass for a compact ILC. It would be like Cadillac making a box-truck. It’s not their strength, and all they can do is dilute and weaken the market position with tangential poorly performing crap.
    F2 is the minimum aperture for anyone to consider using for candid photography. If it’s F2 it offends nobody, but at F1.8 it pleases everyone, and faster than f1.7 it makes everyone giddy.
    Try to keep the body under 1100 bucks, with lenses ranging from 500-1500 dollars. More for 100mm+, obviously. If you can’t make a profit in that price range, figuring 2000 dollars total for a body and two lenses at a maximum, then don’t build it because it will run quickly into 135 size price territory without 135 performance.

    There’s only so much Gee Whiz that retro styling will get you. Once it’s a system camera, it has to function well as a tool.

  • Rob V

    A few things:
    – We won’t see a full frame camera under 2 grand (yet)
    – Neither will we see a full frame camera with a fixed lens
    – No one will make a camera with M39 screw mount. It’s simply too impractical to mount the lens, and you can use M39 lenses on an m mount camera with an adapter.

    That said, I do hope Fuji goes full frame for under 4 grand, or uses an APS-C sensor for 2 grand or less. It would be very nice to see them come up with their own line of Fujinon M-mount lenses. If they make a camera with real rangefinder focusing, they’ll sell more than they can produce.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    A great possible selling point with the X cameras (if Fuji were to make the X300 with a very small registration distance) is that by keeping the registration distance short, almost any piece of legacy glass (with the proper adapter) can be used.

    Check out the Sony NEX, you can literally adapt any lens to the camera because of its short registration distance.

    Being able to use old lenses by Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Zeiss, Leica, Voigtlander, Pentax, you name it, is awesome. This to me was a big selling point when I bought a Sony NEX over the Samsung NX. The Samsung has a longer registration distance and doesn’t allow you to mount as many types of lenses. Plus, the Samsung sensor is way outdated.

    Keep the registration distance short Fuji, and give us a full frame camera. I have a Nikon D700 as well and love the full frame format!

  • dino

    I think the X100 has been truly a groundbreaking idea. I hope it will have the success it deserves. While I do think a camera with interchangeable lenses might be equally welcome, I think also that one more step should be done. I don’t know which kind of RAW format uses Fuji, but given its old partnership with Nikon, why don’t offer the possibility to save pictures in .NEF format ? (or in .DNG?) or offering a Nikon-F- like mount as well ? Is it too bold supposing a partnership here between Fuji and Nikon ?

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