First images of the Sony NEX C3 camera

A dpreview forum member published several pictures of the upcoming Sony NEX C3 camera (some of the images were already removed). The new NEX will have a 16.2MP sensor and will support 720p HD video (not full HD). The exact date of the announcement is not known, but is expected to be somewhere in May. A new flash (pictured above) will probably be part of the announcement.

Check also the first picture of the Sony a35 camera.

More images after the break:

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  • CRB

    And yet no sign of any type of viewfinder….bummer

    • curtis

      its a mirrorless system camera, it’s not going to have one, it’s meant to be compact

      • CRB

        It could be external, no problem with that. and about being compact, once you put a 18-55mm or the upcoming 24mm from zeiss, the whole purpose of being compact is gone….

        • Tony

          Well, it’s the same as people who bought D40/D3000/D5000 and think that “Oh… this camera look like what pros are using. It must be cool” Until they realize that it is really far apart.

  • Lookin plump.

  • OneOne

    they make it for simplify and looks like samsung model

  • Tulio

    WTF is that flash ? Are they nuts? no 1080?
    Who is running Sony? A hipster accountant?

    • TaoTeJared

      Sony is the second camera (all inclusive, DSLRs, compacts, etc) producer not DSLR as many have misstated. (Read the original Bloomberg article) They are the 3 largest DSLR behind Canon and Nikon.

      I agree with everything else you stated.

  • to each his/her own I guess

  • TaoTeJared

    Still too front heavy of a “compact” system for me.

    • Global

      Should they build a lens extending to the back for you? I don’t see your point. It is exactly what its supposed to be. There are reasons that DSLR’s are huge weighty cubes. And there are reasons this thing is flat.

  • Eric

    With that small prime it looks like a great size, with any zoom at all it becomes ridiculous looking.

  • Someguy

    What is Sony’s actual marketing / product plan? Or is it simply to release a new camera every year to make Nikon/Canon look “slow” and “old” and “outdated” even though these things (c3, a35) are just the same as last year but with a different number?!

    • Tony

      Yep, you guess it right. That’s how the second class brand(in SLR) but with a lot of money usually roll. Samsung is doing the same thing(but worse in design though).

      They are trying to bring as many as customer as they can, and I think they are in the right track.

      • Global

        Good for them too, because Nikon and Canon are doing nothing. So they should be doing this. Throw every design and iteration at the wall and see what sticks. Whatever works — RUN with it.

        • Tony

          Yep, those two are slow two adopt the new concept of EVIL but that can’t be helped since their new product have to please their current fan too otherwise their feedback could really hurt the sale.

          Anyway, I think Canon really implements many features to catch up with Nikon in DSLR, and the same thing goes for Nikon in compact camera.

  • bs.lim

    sony if u want to be the no.1 producer camera then lower all the current camera price 30-40% !

  • It seems like Sony doesn’t know what task to give to their designers and the result looks like this then. Why would they put such display and flash on? It looks like the equipment of a big camera glued on a small one. Very strange !

  • Matt

    I think the Nex-5 and GF2 look so strange with the diameter of the lens exceeding the height of the camera body. It makes the lenses look even more out of whack/proportion than they are. Unfortunate to see that the Nex-C3 has now also gone this way. I think the GF1 is the best proportioned mirrorless camera so far…

    And yes, I’m in the market.

  • GadiY

    It’s the same sensor as the D7000?

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