Sony a77 camera already listed in the latest repair guide

Sony distributed their latest consumer repair guide and the a77 camera is listed in the SLR/SLT/SEL section:

Sony already showed a prototype of the a77 at the CP+ show in Japan. The camera is rumored to have a new 24MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensors, full HD video (AVCHD) with continuous AF, magnesium alloy body, new EVF and very high ISO capabilities. The official announcement should be in the next few months. Here are some detailed a77 specs:

  • BIONZ image processor
  • AF fine-tuning capabilities
  • 1080p/30fps, 720p/60fps and 720p/30fps HD video
  • high ISO of 100,000
  • will support CF, SD and Memory Stick memory cards
  • 1,000 pictures per single battery charge
  • very aggressively priced: between 900-1200 USD
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  • hanren


    do you think this sensor would have any chance of ending up in the nikon d400?

    • hanren

      otherwise i think nikon will have a very hard time in the next generation of cameras when the 7d mkii and 5d mkiii comes out, the megapxl race still does matters as proven by the 5d mkii

    • Camaman

      Yes 100% it will but at 500$ extra.
      And 100% nikon will say that they made the sensor… again. And people will fill the internet talking in circles about it… Again.
      But it will be a better camera than A77… Again
      Sometimes i feel we are all fools witnessing history repeating itself in year to year intervals… How fun.

      • Discontinued


        So true.

    • So far I have not received a single reliable rumor about the D400.

  • Sky

    woh, looks like A77 hardware is completed than. Most likely they are working still on a software, so possibly the planned july release date is very likely to come true 🙂 good

  • Camaman

    75$ for sensor and checkup… OK I guess, but what are those otger prices, higher than 300$ for?

    • Eric

      This is not a repair guide distributed by Sony. This is the repair guide from Ritz Camera brick and mortar stores, which includes similar sections for other major camera manufacturers.

      The prices next to the camera model are the base price for repairs and are what a customer pays before a camera is sent to the repair facility.

  • repair prices are somewhat steep i have my canon 50d 2 years now no cleaning needed, if i knew my old minolta lenses fit the sony i would probably be shooting with the 850

  • zeissgit

    this seems a real nikon-canon killah! 24MP for how much???

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