Interesting links weekend edition

I have been collecting those links for few weeks and never got the chance to publish them:

Here is another "monster machine" - the Naneye camera has 250x150 px resolution and size of 1 x 1mm:

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  • The NV-1 is strikingly familiar to the Yashica EZ Digital NV-1 (street price $85 new)that has been selling here in Asia for quite some time. EZ Digital The NV-1 does indeed see in pitch blackness, but the range and hence light falloff follows the power law and active IR vision reaches out to only 10-20ft. The front of the Yashica version is festooned with powerful IR emitter LEDs. Anyhow my kid loved it.

    I don’t know how this product became associated with the ‘see through clothing tagline’. It will definitely not see through clothing. A blogger must have put that in there and the story was rebloggged without checking. Indeed, early Sony video cameras with Nightshot could see through clothing, but Sony quickly disabled the ability to shoot in NV with anything but a fully open aperture. The principle does not apply to this camera and anyone buying one to see through clothing will wish for their money back.

    In order to see through clothing a camera must have no ICF (check), have an aperture wide enough to permit daylight photography (check), be passive only (no active), and filter out all short wavelengths (no filter). Not only will either brand’s NV-1 camera not see through clothing, it will not be capable of shooting beautiful infrared landscapes.

    I happen to have done a tear-down and mod of the Yashica NV-1 and wrote about it on Ricohforum and on my Twitter photography feed (click through my username).

    Here is a link to the mod to passive IR, low-pass only. It’s a 15 minute job that costs only $12 in parts. My camera now takes lovely deep IR landscape photos. I haven’t had the inclination to take it down to the beach and shoot pervotographer shots in homage to Miroslav Tichy, but it would work for that too. One thing that’s funky is it doesn’t see hair dye. Anyone with grey hair comes out grey.

    Why is this modded camera any better than a DSLR with an IR filter over it? Unmodified digital cameras have a little ICF filter over the sensor and they are insensitive to infrared. it’s like shooting through a ND filter (not ND8, but way darker more like ND64!). As a result, it’s impractical to hand hold them and you can only photograph still life and landscapes. My modded camera can shoot at high shutter speeds. In this link, I demonstrated live action shots in deep infrared (850nm) at the 2011 Hong Kong Rugby 7s at night:

    Besides this far superior light performance, this set up is very cheap, the cost of just a few rolls of IR-film and one of the most pocketable IR solutions of all time.

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