This is the Sony 30mm f/3.5 Macro lens for E mount

The new Sony 30mm f/3.5 Macro lens for E mount leaked a week ago in a recent Sony Canada price list. Here is the first image of this lens that should be announced in the next few weeks probably together with the NEX C3 and a35 camera:

Here is the same Sony NEX macro lens on the far right (click on image for larger view):

Sony lens prototypes


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  • Too late too slow?

    Hope not… Wish it had a faster aperture so it’d also serve as a normal lens at other times. Plus it would help the “portability” philosophy of the Nex by reducing the need to have lots of different lenses like we do for DSLRs.


  • SF_Strider

    Marco lense with too short focal length is not good. I had a Sony 30/2.8 SAM before. The range is too close to shoot Marco.

    Its cost is cheap but with tricky usefulness. For Marco shooting, I will recommend using A-mount Tamron 90/2.8 with A-to-E adaptor instead.

    • mk

      I had exactly the same thought.
      This is a step back to compact camera era with 2 cm megasupermacro capability 🙂

    • Jonas

      I do quite a lot of close up work using a copy stand and often find 55mm macro with DX SLR doesn’t get close enough (depending on subject). An NEX with its swinging screen would be very convenient and a 30mm macro seems ideal for these situations, think I will go for it if NEX-7 appeals.

      • SF_Strider

        problems to get too close for Macro shooting is
        1) Minor problem is Lens may touch the subject accidently,
        2) Most often problem is the DSLR body or even the shooter will block the light.

        They are from my real experience when using 30/2.8 SAM

    • Alex

      Who is Marco? :p
      As a macro lens, it wouldn’t be very useful – in fact I see no need to go all the way to 1:1; but as a (slightly wide) normal with very good close-up capabilities…
      One of my favourite lenses is the (Pentax) 35mm f/2.8 macro, btw.

      • SF_Strider

        Thanks for your spell check ^^

    • asdasd

      wide macro is usefull for dramatic shots, but not is not wide enough on crop camera. it is just meh lens.

  • Ernst

    The “Beercans” are back!

    • L.D. Silver

      I never left.

  • Kenji

    C’mon Sony…Why no fast normal? or a fast tele? or a macro thats a bit longer than a 30mm?

    Look I love macro shooting a ton, I shoot a lot of things with my 100mm f/2.8L IS (Some macro, some less so) and 30mm is just too short fo most work because the subject to camera distance is VERY short, And f/3.5 is a bit too slow for a general purpose prime…

    The NEX is a great neat camera that is honestly in my opinion let down by a lack of lens selection

  • Nat Mouncey

    This is useful to whom exactly?

    • Well Zeiss has a 50 f/2 Macro for FF… 30 on a crop is almost exactly that field of view.

  • benjamin

    with every one using 100mm macros, the POV became very boring so i purposely switched to 55mm micro nikkors and 35mms with ext tubes. while it does take some extra care not to scare stuff away, the FOV allows for more dramatic images. its very liberating..

  • Baris

    This lens is exactly what the E-Mount needed … NOT!

    Congratulations SONY. Smart move!

  • Zeusman

    Agreed Baris!! f/ 3.5 – Boring! Entry-level shooters want zoom everything. Advanced Amateurs want fast primes. Pros want fast primes, a notch up…like Zeiss.

    So who is that target customer for this lens??

  • As long as this one is cheap, the 3.5 won’t matter to me.

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