Samsung NX camera prototypes

In addition to yesterday's video, Samsung has posted several related Q&A on their website which includes also a picture of several prototype cameras. One of them has three manual dials on top. Samsung is expected to release the NX20 and NCX200 this summer and it will be interesting to see if one of them will have a retro look with manual dials, similar to the Fuji X100.

Thanks gh42!

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  • Artur Kozłowski

    wow, are these medium format? They look like Hasselblads!

    note to Samsung: change Your name! It was ok for the cheap stuff U used to sell, but U won’t get much cred with the pros with this name, trust me.

    • preston

      agree. Toyota knew nobody was going to buy a luxury Toyota, but a Lexus? Sure

      • chris

        i did not know that.. very interesting : )

    • Samsung is a good name; well respected by those who know Korean industry. When Korea develops the same cachet that Japanese and German cameras have developed, you will get used to the name. And if anyone guffaws, remember that history repeats itself.

      • Any business that expects to sell their products to a large number of smart people are doomed from the start.

    • chris

      awesome cameras.. next step: more in camera vintage image processing. think instagram ) how hard can that be if an iphone can do it with a free app ?!!

  • preston

    Remember that rumor a while back about Samsung, Schneider-Kreuznach, and Alpa creating the medium format CMOS system ( Dare I say that the box camera could be the result of that partnership? The lens does look more Schneider like than Samsung like. Not sure what Alpa is contributing but an affordable (say similar to the Pentax 645) STC-like body that allows shifts for architectural and landscape work, combined with Schneider lenses and Samsung electronics would be my dream system!

    • Samsung has a lot to prove when it comes to sensors. So expecting them to be competitive with PhaseOne or even Kodak from their launch is very optimistic.

      In the meantime, there’s nothing stopping you from using Schneider lenses on other DMF backs 🙂

    • Preston, that is a good point, I have completely forgotten that news.

  • benjamin

    the one with manual controls looks sweet!

    • gh42

      You’re right benjamin- if that is the upcoming NX200 it would be one nice looking camera!

      • It needs a tilt screen and/or viewfinder arm length photography makes me :(. But man that is a good looking bunch of cameras. Wish we could see more of the one laying down.

        Who knows Samsung might be the diamond in the rough for the next few years.

  • Bill

    I’d like it to be deep enough to mount Leica M lenses. The current NX series isn’t. Total disappointment there.

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