The Sony NEX C3 menu system

Here are some screenshots of the new Sony NEX C3 menu system:

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  • What’s a Pentax?

    The new NEX has Sony’s Steady Shot? It appears on at the bottom of the first photo.

  • Ooooh, how I loathe the Sony menu.

  • 0artin

    Another toyish camera from famous TV maker.

  • Joe R.

    Steady Shot for NEX is built into the lens not the body. I’d love to know what lens made the bottom tea cup photo. Some the only thing with a wide aperture is the terrible 16mm 2.8.

    I really like having my NEX. It’s my everywhere camera. I hate that all of the e-mount lenses suck. The body is actually very capable. I have some really nice shots using my Nikon lenses with an adapter. It just stinks to trade autofocus and manual aperture for picture quality.

    I’m dying for some new lenses for the system. I kid you not when I say ISO 12,800 is usable for snapshots. 1600 and below are great.

    • Sargent Schutt

      Ditto. Considering the Zeiss partnership, Sony’s E-mount lens line up is pathetic. I have the NEX 5 and all three lenses, and they’re not great, not at all. I use it as my ‘everywhere’/vacation camera, and it is better than any other pocket camera by a long shot (with the 16mm or 18-55 this camera is usually pocketable for me, but at 6’2″ I have big pockets).

      However, comparing the output to my Nikon D3 and various lenses… ugh. I hope they step up the lens game soon…

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