More Sony NEX C3 mirrorless camera leaks

The same dpreview forum member (eddieaus) who initially leaked the first Sony NEX C3 images has posted some new advertisement images of the upcoming C3 camera (two more after the break):

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  • Axel

    I thought most P&S’s were mirrorless. What am I missing here?

    • mirrorless is now a synonym for mirrorless interchangeable lens system

      • c.d.embry

        Mirrorless is what adults say, the clueless call them EVIL.

        BTW my Toyo 4×5 doesn’t have a mirror, but that doesn’t make it a mirrorlees camera ūüėÄ

  • I like the rounded form factor. Now if they will please dump the control system in favour of real dials and buttons, Sony and I can be friends again. I was a big Konica and Minolta fan, but I haven’t liked them since the Sony takeover and the hated memory sticks.

    • gh42

      I agree. I think this is a better looking camera than the previous Nex models. But it’s not for me. Looking forward to the latest Samsung offerings and the Nex 7/A700.

      • gh42


    • You and me are not Sony’s target group, unfortunately. Maybe the new NEX5 will have different controls?

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