Nanoha macro lens prototype with 5x magnification for Micro Four Thirds

The Japanese company Yasuhara showed a prototype of a new Nanoha macro lens for Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX cameras ($499.99). The lens can provide 5 times magnification (regular macro lenses provide 1:1 magnification). Price is expected to be around ¥50,000 (aprox. $600). The lens is currently in the final stages of development. Manufacturing is expected to begin in late June. Here are the basic specs:

  • Only manual focus
  • Weight: 320g
  • Size: 64 x 84mm
  • 10 elements in 7 groups
  • Aperture range: f/11 - f/32
  • Can focus as close as 11-19mm
  • Built-in LED lights (powered by mini-USB)
  • Includes also a "target holder" that can be attached in front of the lens

Sample photo of a 1,000 Japanese Yen bill taken with the Nanoha macro lens:

More info and sample images can be found at DC.Watch. Two years ago, I was able to achieve similar results with the Nikon Fabre Photo EX portable stereoscopic microscope attached to a DSLR camera. Interesting stuff!

The manufacturer Yasuhara has produced some rangefinder cameras and lenses in the past. More info can be found here and here.

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  • Wow that looks very interesting. The built-in lights could be handy.

    They’ve stated production begins in June, but any idea of when it will be commercially available?

    • I could not find any info on availability of this lens.

    • DrSmouse

      Yeah, but it’s powered by USB, not the camera. Might be a drag in the field.

      • Global

        Did you ever consider that the USB might connect to the CAMERA port? If so, that would be incredibly genius problem solving.

  • It’s a microscope.

  • looks like a gatling gun

  • grumps

    I’m excited to see companies like this making specialist products that ARE useful too. I think this is exactly what this product range of cameras (smaller form factor) will find very useful. Together if the main camera manufacturers would get it together to bring out quality glass, I think consumer and manufacturer will both reap benefits!

  • matt

    The camerapedia domain was sold to Wikia, which is a content-farm operation.

    Former contributors have re-created the open, non-commercial wiki at

    Here’s the Yasuhara link:

  • Mark

    the built in light is a stupid idea, but… the lens itself, if it performs well it’ll be quite a useful piece of kit. Reminds me of the canon 65mm 1:5 macro-

    • Except this is f/11 and the canon is f/2.8

      • Global

        Such intense macro MUST be taken at about f/11 just to achieve enough depth of field. So f/11 is not a burden in this case — its a requirement.

        And so is extra lighting at f/11.

  • Harold Ellis

    image quality is not really something to die for.
    when we account that m4/3 have smaller sensor so they can capture at higher density, yet lens costs the same as canon 5:1 and that is sharp not as this blurry crap

    • lorenzino

      sorry, where can you see the sample pics?

  • Joža A.

    F/11 is ok, at these magnifications f/2.8 has far to shallow dof. Real macro work takes place at f/32 and above.

    • Global

      It would be nice if there could be “focus stacking” software to go with it.

  • cool.i think it’s usefull for who like practical use. But of course, need to try

  • Jojo

    Useful sometimes no doubt, but a very narrow magnification range. Perhaps would be no more versatile than a s/h enlarging lens and a long extension tube (which would be considerably cheaper!)

  • Wow! I’m very interested on that lens! hope will come out soon!

  • Marshall

    Not sure about this, but no 4/3 system has the ability to do tethered shooting. In fact, when asked about the feature last year, Panasonic said it had no intention to add tethered shooting to their 4/3 cameras. This lens is something I would consider (along with a 4/3 system) only if I could control the camera from a computer otherwise there is little point to a 5x in my opinion.

  • Smithie

    The Yasuhara company went out of business in 2004. There is nothing about them on the web since then, until this lens. The current site is very short on specs, there are no reviews or previews and the whole concept is practically useless except in very limited circumstances. And some of the pages have disappeared in the last couple days – no more spec or drawings.

    Who needs or can use a 4X – 5X lens with a working distance of 11mm that uses led’s for light, it’s a stupid idea. You’d never get a sharp image in the field, led’s will not stop the action.

    It’s a hoax. Or someone has money to throw away.

  • atmsun

    I got one from here.  wwwamazoncom/shops/atmsupply

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