Is this the new Panasonic GF3 camera?

Is this the previously rumored Panasonic GF3 camera? A unidentified white camera was shown in this promotional Lumix video:

The new 16MP GF3 Micro Four Thirds camera is expected to be announced on June 13, 2011 together with the new Leica branded 25mm f/1.4 lens. Here is the full YouTube video:

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  • What’s a Pentax?


    If Panasonic would only put its efforts into something worthwhile, with a FULLFRAME or SQUARE sensor.

    I’ll pass on M4/3 and APS-C.

    Come on Olympus and Panasonic. Make something good!

    • MK

      i care even less about full frame and square sensors than you do about m4/3. holey moley thats an ugly camera. i doubt it is real. it looks like a prop from tron. too bad there are no nikon or pentax 2.5 crop rumors; other than something will be released eventually.

      • Joe

        It looks like a prop from the *original* TRON

        • Marvin8

          Actually, it looks like an Imperial Storm Trooper cam. 🙂

  • Joe

    That looks awful (and larger than the GF2)

  • J-Man

    Not even close to something I’d want, looks like cheap plastic garbage, the GF1/2 looked better.

  • inteliboy

    looks like panasonic completely missed the point why the GF1 was such a (cult) success…

    • Jim

      I agree. Fujifilm got the point with x100 what people actually want. Panasonic are going further away. Pretty much same with Olympus and it seems that Canon and Nikon are just doing what they always have without any new ideas.

  • somebody will buy it

  • jason

    No hot shoe and looks like bigger mount? Maybe its not m4/3 size sensor?

    • preston

      The mount is the only thing that is surely going to remain the same. So this means that everything else is smaller if the mount looks bigger. This fits the rumor that it will be smaller than the GF2.

      • Kevin

        It looks like the mount is saddled with a certain amount of minimum bulk that simply can’t be disguised or paired down. The E-mount is much more smartly-designed in this regard.

  • no

    no hot shoe? are they dumbing GF series even more?

  • amanda

    It looks like they are trying to compete with the NEX-3/5/C3. No universal hot shoe. All this while the other side is working to get the NEX-7 to market.

  • Girls, the camera you are looking for is shown at 3:18, 3:38 and 3:58

    My first reaction was “Oh Gawd. What have they done? They’ve turned a practical GF-1 into a Tampax holder”

    This is what I mean:

    I could imagine that camera adhered to the side of a cistern. Indeed, I bet you could fit a couple of tampons in to the battery compartment in case you are caught out.

    But then, that unhelpful negative reaction’s because I’m a man. I am told we are always wrong. If you’re a girl like the chic in the video, then why not? It’s small and compact, and that’s a big part of what m4/3 is about. After all, if I wanted full frame or larger, I’d buy a proper camera, like the photographer who was depicted on the Lumix promo video constantly holding a Hassy. The G3 however, is the perfect size to slip into a small clutch bag. The DMW FL360 won’t fin in the clutch, so there’s no need for a hot shoe.

    Unfortunately, I have no clutch bag, nor requirement for tampons, so I’ll wait for another model.

  • Camaman

    Video is not loading for me at the koment…
    That person in the pics is aiming througha camera like it has a an EVF. Could it be?:-)

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Who cares… GF line has rapidly evolved into buttonless point & shoots for people that don’t know or care about them having a slightly larger sensor or interchangeable lens.

    Shooters wanting a GF1 type camera have to buy a… 2 year old used GF1? Or a Fuji X100 if they can find one in stock.

    • Isn’t Samsung coming out with one? And presumably, the Pen Pro is going to have real dials.

  • name


  • GF1 anyday

  • Rob

    who else noticed the EVF 😀

    • Joe

      No EVF just a silly pose for the camera.

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