Next from SLR Magic: Noktor HyperPrime 12mm F/1.6 lens for Micro Four Thirds

SLR Magic plans to release a new Noktor HyperPrime 12mm f/1.6 lens for Micro Four Thirds. SLR Magic also has a new Noktor 50mm f/0.95 and 28mm f/2.8 lenses for E-mount in the pipeline.

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  • Anon

    I have literally NO interest in anything that has to do with micro-43s, and I still think this is going to be a really cool lens. Kinda like a 24mm f/2.8. ’bout time we started seeing some things that wide on such a small sensor.

  • I heard a rumour about this; it’s well needed, both NEX and M4/3. It may be sometime before they actually ship, though.

  • Camaman

    And these will naturally be manual focus only, right?
    Why do these companies only make MF lenses?
    And why are the soooo “interesting” for todays buyers? It seems to me they are deliberately missing out on 99% of buyers and on 99,9% of next generation camera enthusiasts…

    • Global

      Because developing AF-S and VR and all the software that goes with it is HELL of a lot more complicated than designing glass + levers/pullies.

    • Camaman, forgive my line by line response, but you have asked a series of questions.

      “And these will naturally be manual focus only, right?”

      Correct, although a 12mm lens on a m4/3 camera will have a deep depth of field at daylight apertures that facilitates scale- and hyperfocal-focussing techniques. That is why I think this is a practical and well needed lens.

      The same goes for image stabilisation. You don’t need IS on this lens. You don’t really need shutter priority either.

      “Why do these companies only make MF lenses?”

      As Global said, zoom, autofocus, image stabilisation and auto aperture are sophisticated features that require integrating into the m4/3 system. I heard that SLR magic is little more than one young man working from home with no commercial office and no showroom and certainly doesn’t have the R&D facilities of the majors. Even Cosina which is a significant enterprise concentrates on manual prime lenses.

      “And why are the soooo “interesting” for todays buyers?”

      I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I like this idea for a several reasons:

      (1) Characterful lenses each have their own look. They help me to create art, rather than a clinical faithful image record.

      (2) I am not aware of any other 12mm that fits on, or can be adapted onto, a m4/3 lens, let alone an f/1.6

      (3) I couldn’t afford to buy so many prime lenses if they were all priced like the Canon EF85/1.2LII, or even the Lumix 20/1.7

      “It seems to me they are deliberately missing out on 99% of buyers and on 99,9% of next generation camera enthusiasts…”

      You should ask Andrew yourself. I think he frequents this site. It seems to me that he gets all the business he can handle.

      BTW, have you considered the Samyang 35mm 1:1.4? I have secured a test loaner should be trying it out one shortly. It seems very well made. It feels like Cosina-quality (they make the popular Voigtländer and Zeiss lenses).

      • mocha

        I also want to add a line on this opinion too.
        “It seems to me they are deliberately missing out on 99% of buyers and on 99,9% of next generation camera enthusiasts…”

        You just miss the truth that is all Leica M lenses are manual focus and all user are enthusiast. In fact the modern lens just lost there characteristic on image performance due to the economical mass production and technical accuracy . MF lens can leave space to make it smaller with large aperture that AF lens cannot archive.

        However, I am speculating this lens with average performance because from the pass experience, SLR magic just an agency of sourcing optic manufacturer to OEM lenses for her. This 12mm f/1.6 should be made according to some existing CCTV lens. However, we seldom find a similar one that can fully cover a m4/3 sensor. Ever the legacy lens for movie camera never archive such a large image circle. The closest specification from the movie lens might be Zeiss 12mm 2.1T. The other solution may be from Goyo 12mm f/2.0. If they ask Goyo to make this lens, the cost should be much higher than then normal AF lens and lack of competitive power on price.

        I even doubt the so called f/1.6 is just exaggerated to attract the user to believe it is 1/3 stop faster. I hope it won’t be another joke like the 11mm f/1.2 which is just a CCTV lens for 2/3 sensor and leave a big vignetting black circle on the image which so called LOMO for digital. lol

        • Camaman

          Vwry good and to the point detailed opinions from both of you.
          I would want all those lenses for myself for all the coolness factors, but I can’t live without any AF ability. That is my POV.
          I love gear, and art, but dont have time to practice MF for long time.
          Just that… :-/

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