Sigma SD-1 now in stock

The 46MP Sigma SD-1 camera is now in stock for $6899 -any takers? Curious to see if it will stay in stock after few days:

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  • What’s a Pentax?

    Is Sigma run by the same idiots that run Pentax?

    The point of operating a business is to offer competitive (features, price, etc.) products or services that satisfies the needs of consumers and makes a REASONABLE profit for the manufacturer.

    The price is insane and the camera borrows very dated technology from Pentax.

    Maybe Sigma is borrowing the “Victory in Defeat” mentality from Pentax, as well.

    • What does this have to do with Pentax? The K-5 is not particularly expensive, and they make great DSLRs and lenses, what’s the problem? They are the underdogs right now but things change, and they’re actually catching up.

      • 42PL

        Because the upcoming Pentax mirrorless with tiny sensor is pointless and overpriced. How did a camera like that get green lit? Next to the Sigma it’s the dumbest camera of the year.

        • Ohh yeah, that. Well I think the rumored system will surprise people with some charm. If Panasonic can sell out LX-5’s with a fixed variable aperture lens, I think Pentax can move an interchangable system camera with the same size sensor.

          I DON’T think many people who read this site will want one, but I do think it has a place in the emerging market of advanced digital cameras.

          The Auto 110 camera probably looked pretty silly to many photographers of another time, remember that!

          I guess we’ll find out tomorrow! I think The Online Photographer’s website will have some coverage of the new camera. Mike Johnston announced, that he will be announcing an entirely new system camera. Since Pentax is their main sponser, it stands to reason we’ll see it there.

          • 42PL

            Thanks for not losing your cool when responding to my comment. 🙂 Look back at it I know it sounds a bit harsh. I’m actually a fan of Pentax and pulling for them. This new mirrorless strikes me as a huge misstep. But we’ll see.

      • Stu

        It’s because What’s A Pentax is this board’s resident troll.

    • Tony

      A new technology is always expensive, especially when only one company is producing it.

      Think about the first time that LCD TV is on sale!

      • asdasd

        except in this case, the new technology is all worse, but more expensive.

      • sorry, but this new technology is already long enough in commercial use

  • WOW are THEY nuts

  • J-Man

    I wouldn’t trade my 1DIII for it…
    Unless I knew I could sell it for a 1DsIII.

  • 42PL


    • CRB

      +1………..and you can use awful decentered lenses too…

  • I do like the colors X3 sensors make. So I will wait till Sigma puts in this sensor into DP line and price it more reasonably. Maybe then. Maybe never.

  • DP

    Hmm, I clicked “Add to cart” and a popup said “Are you sure?” I’ve never seen that at Adorama before…

    Just kidding.

    But I don’t think I’d bother to stock this camera if I were a retailer.

    I did actually see somebody asking about the SD1 at a local retailer in Toronto. He was under the impression that it was full frame. Maybe I should’ve said something…

    • Tony

      Probably it’s not matter much in this case whether FF or not since we don’t have anything to compare.

      But I was really hoping the starting price was much lower though.

  • BH

    This is the same kind of stunt that Hasselblad has pulled with their 200ms digital camera. I have an H3Dii-39ms, if you apply Hasselblad’s new naming system my camera should be a H3Dii-117ms which of course is misleading. Especially since this is a number of effective pixels calculated on the assumption that the end result (an in camera processed result) yields an image with this effective pixel count, which is a fact that I doubt. That is besides the point the principle is the same as with Sigma. They believe that they can take a non full frame sensor put some color filters in front of it and decide to call it a 45mp camera. Its all hype and no substance. Frankly its something that I would expect out of an OEM like Sigma however not from someone like hasselblad, but goes to show you when there are better companies around like PhaseOne or Nikon or Canon people will result to whatever means they can.

    Also that said Hasselblad makes great cameras, it just seems that PhaseOne has a distinct advantage over them right now in image quality and ergonomics, however Hasselblad has a historic name that is up there with Leica and Ziess. Sigma on the other hand is a joke, and unless this camera yields some amazing results, this will only hurt them more.

    Speaking of Pentax this camera almost makes the Pentax 645D seem like a good option since it atleast is a full bread medium format camera even if it isnt a full frame medium format camera. Thats what I want to see actually a Pentax 645D shootout against the Sigma SD-1, you can send me a check if you want to see it too.

    • Ohhh don’t dog the 645D. Even though the sensor is of a modest size, it does outclass cameras like the D3X, and does so in a way that is not absurdly more expensive. Landscape and studio photographers wanting a little more out of their images in terms of resolution would do quite well with the 645D, especially since it is solidly constructed, and has many attractive features for those leaving behind the luxuries of a Canikon 35mm pro camera.

      The Sigma is an unanswered question at this point. An experiment in pricing we’ll say. I’m not particularly interested in it’s merits as a camera, but I am interested in seeing what, if any interest it generates.

    • J Shin

      Can’t we all just wait till we some images?

      • BH

        Its not about the images gawd

      • Stuart

        Exactly you buy a camera to produce images, if these images are way better then the camera may be worth thousands.
        Show us the images.
        The price will come down when canon and nikon do the same, esp if they do FF.

        • +1 superior images can support a premium, with a few caveats:

          It’s not good enough to see a couple flash-lit low ISO images that came from a big pile of rejects. It’s important that the camera should work consistently well and in all lighting conditions. The camera should be bug free, fast and responsive, with good controls. It needs to be as robust and weather resistant as the best of the Canon and Nikon pro bodies. The body must be supported by a comprehensive range of top quality lenses, a complete system of accessories and a great global pro-service network.

  • BH

    I was just saying that the Pentax 645D is an interesting camera but its still outclassed by its larger friends, and frankly Pentax is the butt end of a lot of jokes a la Joseph and his Amazing Technacolor Dream Camera.
    If anything hopefully it will bring more attention to medium format.

    • Alex

      Oh, really? And how much they cost, those “larger friends”? 3 times as much? 4 times?
      I don’t care about a clown or two making bad jokes. In the real life, the 645D is a success story for both Pentax and it’s users. Which I doubt we’ll be able to say about Sigma SD1.

      • D-RiSe

        Pentax 645D + lens € 12.000
        Hasselblad H4D-40 incl. 80mm € 17.000
        Hasselblad H4D-31 incl. 80mm € 11.500

        i’dd get the hasseblad

        • Alex

          Not sure about the Hassie, but the 645D is ~1100 euro (with the 55mm lens).
          But let’s use your prices: that’s 5000 euro extra for the Hassie brand (same sensor). Are you sure it’s worth it?

  • This thread is all about Pentax’s various cameras? Isn’t anyone interested in Sigma’s camera?

  • nick and abel

    make a nikon mount version then i think about it

    • Global


    • asdasd

      you will be alone.
      think about it

      sony made all better camera (a900/a850) then anyone else. they priced it lower then anyone else and still few bought it.

      sigma is still living their dream financed from boat load of dumb moms buying 100Eur 18-3000 DSLR lenses with their 400DSLRs.

  • Tokina introduced AF 17-35mm f/4 AT-X Pro FX two days ago and non a single word about it here. Why?

      • Oh yeah, it’s a news because back then it was yust a prototype(Tokina have a many protypes thet never go to production) and now it’s formally introduced.
        It will start selling in late July for EF mount and early September for F mount.

    • Karlosak

      Just in time! This would nicely complement the hopefully soon to be released D800. A nice upgrade from my trusted D300 with Tokina DX 12-24mm f/4. Originally I was very interested in the Tokina 16-28mm, but this is a more practical lens.
      My only concern – there aren’t many samples wide open, I fear the corners won’t be so good at F/4 (not that it really matters for it’s intended use). And the bokeh is quite strange in the motorcycle sample – the specular highlights in the background are quite edgy. Last, damn the 82mm filter size!

  • D~C

    The SD1 – despite Sigma’s misstep on it not being full-frame and the ridiculously expensive price . . . I still dig it as a camera! Some shops are now listing it for around $6800-$6900. I still wouldn’t spend the money on one, but if someone gave me one for free or less than $2500 I would snatch it up and USE it! I would also convert the factory mount to Nikon (like I did with my other Sigma DSLR’s).

    Yeah, yeah, I’m a FOVEON proponent, etc.. I will continue to use my SD15 and be content. However, I was lining up to purchase an SD1 until that dark day when the price was officially announced a few weeks ago. [sigh]

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