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Existing Sigma SD1 owners will get approximately $4,800 in reward points back

When Sigma UK announced their reward points program, they actually provided a monetary value of JPY400,000 (around $4800) that will be distributed to existing SD1 owners. The US press release from last month did not specify the exact value of the rewards plan. The initial SD1 price was $6,899, the new price is $2,299 – a $4,600 difference.

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Sigma offers reward points to existing SD1 owners

Sigma is offering reward points to existing SD1 owners who paid the original $6899 price tag. The new Sigma SD1 Merril is currently available for pre-order for the new price of $2,299.00.

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Sigma slashes the price of the SD1 to $3,300, I still doubt someone will buy it

When Sigma announced the $9700 price tag of their 46MP SD1 DSLR camera in 2011, many people didn’t get the joke. Well, there was no joke, the SD1 street price was set at $6899. Even their “limited edition” did not help and now Sigma is reducing the price of the SD1 to $3,300 MSRP in the US. This means […]

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When everything else fails, release a limited edition camera

If you were not sure weather to buy the Sigma SD1 for $7,000, maybe this limited edition will change your mind. Only 10 pieces will be produced for 9,999 EUR each (available only in Germany):

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Sigma SD1 can do LiveView, full frame Foveon sensor in development?

At a recent event in Japan, Sigma representatives confirmed that the latest SD1 camera can do LiveView without a physical change to the camera: “We can add the feature, however the hard part is to ensure that the camera operate in a stable manner with that addition. However, this is a high priority for us and […]

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Sigma SD-1 now in stock

The 46MP Sigma SD-1 camera is now in stock for $6899 -any takers? Curious to see if it will stay in stock after few days:

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Sigma SD1 DSLR now available for pre-order

Adorama is the first major US store that just started taking pre-orders for the Sigma SD1 camera at $6,899: Who is ordering one?

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Sigma SD1 retail price: $6,899

The retail price of the Sigma SD1 is $6,899 – almost $3,000 less than the initial MSRP of $9,700. This also explains why the SD1 kits were priced lower than the body.

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