When everything else fails, release a limited edition camera

If you were not sure weather to buy the Sigma SD1 for $7,000, maybe this limited edition will change your mind. Only 10 pieces will be produced for 9,999 EUR each (available only in Germany):

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  • preston

    They make wooden handles for handguns with great grip. This looks they were trying to make it as slippery as possible. Ok ok, this isn’t fair. Special editions aren’t meant to actually be used, I know.

    • jack

      Sigma is definitely sexier than Leica.

  • Cole

    face. palm.

  • CP

    Just threw up on my keyboard….

  • Rob


  • dw

    if i had the money, i will buy one and do a destroy-it video on youtube!

  • Dougaroo

    Looks like bad after market wood automotive interior.

  • Tony

    It’s a $4000 case and not even a water proof one. :/

  • JG10

    This has gotta be a joke.

  • broxibear
  • Gard

    Neat. But will it blend?

  • Jello Biafra

    This will so clash with my leopard print yoga pants.
    Can’t go there.

  • JohnW

    OH YEAH!!! This is really going to go a long way to address the problems with this camera!!!

  • BH

    If the rest of it isn’t white gold, then I’m not interested. My camera always needs to match my Ray Bans.

  • Zigma

    Looks like SIGMA is in need of a new CEO. ASAP.

    • fsdfsdf

      and software and firmare developers, designers, hardware engineers, opticians.
      does work there anybody else then students on summer jobs?

      • Remedy

        Seems like opticians from Canon could learn how to make wide angle lenses from Sigma.

        • asdasd

          well canon is nothing special but sigma would sure not enter my house or shooting bag.

  • Mike

    Who okay’d this? they should be fired. If it were wood instead of the black metal I could understand the price premium. But a $2000 faux wood slip on cover? C’mon! I’ve seen cars from Quebec with less fromage than that!

    • fred

      Plastic? Where do you get your information? The link says it’s amboyna burl, which I can assure you is not a type of plastic.

      Anyway, it’s hideous.

  • jake

    this one is really ugly , must be the worst design I ‘ve ever seen.

  • totalreader

    True madness. Sigma have realy 10 pieces all and now it’s time to increase the price.

  • lorenzino

    at 10.000 $ or whatever it’s a bargain! My golden helicopter costed much more…

  • CJ

    well if they have the money and time to do this, good for them.
    if I had the money, I would fill a pool with champagne and 2 dolphins in it, and dive with a Gibson SG, to rock with the dolphins.

  • sloma_p

    When I came to Germany, I saw this hideous camera and I thought to myself – WTF ?? Jhonny ?? You there ??

  • Jojo

    OK. I’ll declare an interest here: I love finely crafted objects of wood.

    But despite this, and my deep interest in most things photographic, this does not appeal one itsy bit.

    Could it be Sigma realize that with their crazy pricing they have already burnt their bridges with this camera, and they feel their only chance is in the weird world of collectors’ special editions?

  • fred

    How can we make a high-end camera look cheap, and make rare burl wood look like junk, at the same time? Yeah, yeah, when the concept is a $7k, 15Mp, APS-C DSLR in 2011, we don’t need to go further, but I really want to drive the point home. Get me some designers from JVC and the guys who came up with the Hotmail “New Busy” ads, and we’ll put together a team. Let’s do lunch.

  • Nico

    Of course ugly, useless…………..
    Sigma should make a DP2 with interchangeable lens mount instead of those Aps-c dslr !!! 😉 With Foveon sensor it’d be a great idea, they know how to make lenses and maybe better than Sony… And of course compatible with other mount with adapters !

    • lorenzino

      They should have made a dpx (Dp1 with interchangeable lens) years ago, right after the launch of the dp1.
      Well, surely the Sigma forum on Dpreview was full of fanatics calling me names because, according to them, an interchangeable lens system à la Dp1 (and subsequently à la m43, Sony Nex, etc.) was impossible to make (God knows why).
      Now it is far too late for a new aps mirrorless system, unless it manages to beat the existing ones on all parameters from the very first day.
      But, as we are talking about Sigma, a good lens maker but terrible camera maker, I do not see how that would be possible…

  • jack


  • Dave

    I just bought one. So there.

  • Paul Lee


  • Paul Lee

    double face palm….. with all the research money have, they could spend on, sensor, lenses, AF system, etc etc.. instead they …………Orz…

  • Sigma, sigma, sigma…..

  • RJ

    The ’80s called, they want their camera back

  • Stinky

    “whether to buy”, NOT “weather to buy”, imbecile.

  • paf

    the “g” sleigh of photography…

    Please, someone call the DEA and report possible huge quantities of drugs stashed in the corporate offices of Sigma before this gets worse.

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