Sigma SD1 can do LiveView, full frame Foveon sensor in development?

At a recent event in Japan, Sigma representatives confirmed that the latest SD1 camera can do LiveView without a physical change to the camera:

"We can add the feature, however the hard part is to ensure that the camera operate in a stable manner with that addition. However, this is a high priority for us and we plan to take this on as soon as we finish working through some of the issues that we have pending right now. When and if we actually make this happen is up in the air at this point."

Sigma also confirmed that they are working on a new sensor without providing further details. There were some rumors in the past that Sigma is working on a full-frame version of the SD1 sensor. The SD1 DSLR camera doesn't not have video recording capabilities, but they may consider it in future models.

Maros-notebook via dpreview

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  • sadasd

    sure it can do… except it will be quirky, limited to few seconds, and have other nowhere published sigma “features”.
    such a stunt would be understandable from some high end company, but underdog producing something what tries to scream high end… not going to work out lol

  • dummy

    With LiveView Sigma can realize a professional mirrorless camera with f. ex. the Sony E-mount. That’s the way they should go.

    • Sky

      This would be goooooood…. I’m all in – E-mount foevon pro mirrorless camera? Almost guaranteed success.

  • CRB

    Who cares? FF? For how much? 15000? for shooting every 14 sec after the buffer is full? for having problem with colors? for not having a single wide liens decent enough for the body? no, thanks.

    • for not having a single wide liens decent enough for the body?

      I don’t understand. FF would make all their lenses seem wider because you don’t have the crop factor. are you worried about the edges of the frame? A little vignetting never hurt anyone.

  • Nathan

    I think they needed to work out a competitive feature set and price before launch. A 7000 dollar APS-C camera is just too laughable. Put a proprietary mount on it and make it only hook to SIGMA glass, and it’s just a farce.
    Sigma is highly delusional.

    • Tony

      Beside all that they have to really think about how long it takes them to develop something. If SD1 was released 2 years ago at this price, I wouldn’t be this bad.

  • Molko

    It is very hard for a company like Sigma to get a full-blown product onto market. This inability is doubled by the Japanese business mentality. I am sure they got the camera together around this sensor and are not thinking of adding new capability as long as promised capability is not provided. Even the three big manufacturers release their products with faults. It is, however, way harder for Sigma to put forward a mature product, having no history of having done this before. Look at all their previous cameras, they all seem to me like works in progress and unfinished functionality.

  • Huggs

    They have to put LiveView and video on their future models in order to keep up with the competition.

  • chris

    a fullframe sigma will probably have an official price tag of a kidney.

  • thommyorkk

    even if it eventually gets live view – it’s still a terribly overpriced, mid-level-ish camera that almost no-one is going to buy.

  • FF Foveon? Maybe I’d buy it as long as it is (1) in a non-Sigma body (2) similar to the price of a comparable FF DSLR with equivalent build quality and speed (3) has no bizarre foveonized colour artefacts, no colour fringing, can shoot reds OK, no colour wierdness shooting wide angle lenses.

  • Mike

    If they announced it today, we might see it in 2015…. launched as a 2011 camera.

  • Alan

    Would you buy an expensive laptop if the manufacturers had issued a press release saying:
    “We can add the feature, however the hard part is to ensure that the laptop operate in a stable manner with that addition.”?

  • Well guys, if you’re looking for a modern sports and night cam, with liveview, quick AF, high fps, nice video, etc. go for it! No need to tell all the “problems” (depending on the user!) of Foveon again.

    Me personally, I’m lookin 4ward to a FFF (Full-Frame-Foveon)! I only hope the colors will be consistent … a little green cast in general wouldn’t be a problem. I’d also take care of reds in sunlight. But it would be hard to correct strange color shifts. But beside of that, a FFF would deliver great results … Then I can imagine to switch bajonets of my Canon EF-lenses to the Sigma pendant!

    I think there are some lenses delivering great resolution, even at the border of full frame. Even Sigma has some (e.g. 70 Macro) … If you don’t know what lenses will satisfy or if you want to be flexibel with zooms you should probably consider another cam. To me it’s all about image quality. And even if I have to wait half an hour ’til the buffer is empty again: I would!

    It’s my style of photography … to look into the world, decide what pic to take, carefully put up everything and let the cam work. Don’t care about AF, speed, buffer, JPEG, whatever. Just want to get the most of my RAWs. Highly resolutioned, less interpolated, no matter how much time it’ll take.

    • problem is,that like you are talking only people who make no moneys with camera.

      but then you will not buy this camera because it is too expensive to be just shooter’s cam. I would even rather get M9 then this

      so you talk trash, as most everybody who quasi likes sigma

  • Robin

    Well, I don’t buy it? Indeed I don’t earn most of my money with photography. Unless I am not free with taking pics and time I wouldn’t ever change this. But I’m enthusiastic. So why not buy a cam for 20k$, when buying a sports car is fun as well and even more expensive? Think you don’t know me.
    It is rather a matter of how many people think like me … Btw I prefere to let the readers (all) decide wheather I wrote trash. But thx for being honest while unkind. An honest advice from me: Generalizing always looks like making things too simple, could be a hint to its author .. 

  • Vlad

    Another useless camera from Sigma! Can’t they just update all lens to reflect 84mm 1.4 quality and dump everything else they make :))))

  • bob

    amateur build body
    cropped noisy sensor
    dead-end lens mount
    questionable quality control
    non-existent features

    That’s on the features side! You could run a whole Marketing 101 course on this.

  • Joe

    If the SD1 had a full-frame Foveon the asking price would be a lot more palatable. I really like the photos I get from my Dp2s and SD15 but the price for the SD1 is just not justifiable.

  • Does anyone actually own one of these, can’t imagine anyone deciding on one over the Canon/Nikon offerings!

  • person

    I own one and I’m very happy with it. The results are infinitely better than the samples suggest, what’s horribly broken is the raw developer – which is full of bugs that very few people have discovered workarounds for.

    The SD1 is basically an SD15 with better body, weather sealing, better per-pixel quality and data-rich files that can be upscaled to 60MP with minimal deterioration.

  • how many at this price does sigma plan to sell
    at that price a nikon d4x or the new canon lineup would be a better deal
    i will stick with my canon
    look at the website

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