Sigma SD1 DSLR now available for pre-order

Adorama is the first major US store that just started taking pre-orders for the Sigma SD1 camera at $6,899:

Who is ordering one?

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  • amien

    I’ll pay only 1/3 of the price : 45/3 = 15MP

  • what lens mount does this use?

  • pb

    hope they sell a lot of these to pay off that Nikon lawsuit

  • Petter

    I’m definitly getting one. When pigs fly. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    No, seriously tho, no chance in hell I’m paying money for a camera that only takes sigma back/front focusing lenses.

    • no

      maybe their lenses work ok with their own mount

  • gt

    Just ordered 2. (One as a backup)

  • sgts

    got 2 also,

    one for me and one for my psychiatrist

  • Artur Kozłowski

    Seems like Sigma still has a long way to go before people start seeing it as a respectable alternative to the big established brands. Hasselblads go for 20-25 000$? no problemo! But a company that so far has excelled in producing ok cheaper zooms in the league of Tokina and Tamron really has huge cohones to expect people (mostly pros at this price) to trustingly jump into such an investment. They should have started with a cheap(er) and EXCELLENT amateur/semi-pro camera that would make its mark, sort of like Sony has been trying to do. Starting from the top, there is only one way to go, and it’s not up…

    • Artur Kozłowski

      ok there’s the SD 15, I forgot about that…

    • Bernard


      The cheapest Hasselblad is the H4D-31, around $14,000 US with one lens.

      Mamiya and Pentax both have starter medium format kits that are around $10,000 US.

      • Artur Kozłowski

        The H4D-200MS costs 32 000 Euro, anyway, I’m not going to debate prices. Just wanted to make a point about how much people are willing to pay for products and brands they trust and respect. Sigma is not one of them, yet.

  • Craig Houdeshell

    Someone please call Adorama and find out if anyone has actually ordered one of these…..then let us know. Oh, ya, we probably know the answer to that.

  • John Bowen

    Nope. Sigma is FAIL at this price point. Hell, Sigma is FAIL at anything over $1,000 for the body.

  • broxibear

    parkcameras in the UK have it on pre-order for £5,999.99 (Stock Arriving in June)
    To give you a price comparison they’re selling the Nikon D3x for £5,149.99, the Canon 1Ds Mark III for £5,104.99 and the Leica M9 for £4,950.00.
    They’ve got people talking about it that’s for sure…it’ll be interesting to see the images it produces.

  • TT

    Wife said no, boss said no, guess I will have to wait for the Nikon D4 would really like to switch over to sigma.

    • Tony

      Tell your boss to have a ball 🙂

  • BB

    This is a joke right? $7 000 and they can’t even put a decent LCD screen on that thing?

  • I have a sigma lens and it’s just OK! it’s a 20mm 1.8 F mount and has lots of distortion, terrible contrast but has a nice center sharpness which is less important than contrast and distortion, when a lens has nice contrast and low distortion a nice sharpness is expected but its a fun lens. Wish I could afford a Nikkor 24mm 1.4.

    I Have used a D3x a while ago and would not pay this kind of money for a Sigma Camera. You can judge the quality of its cameras by their lenses, pretty sure is not exceptional performance equiment. By the way I don’t know much photographer that need 46MP. Actually I know much more that are happy with 12MP from their D3s and the real deal is noise performance, not sure if high ISO performance for this sigma would be as good as a D3x/s or Canon 1d !

  • Disiderio

    Well said Mr Prado. The selling point though is the colour rendition. Your comments on the lens performance rings true though. Even the sample photos, particularly the last landscape shot have terrible CA. Also, the foreground looks really muddy. Colours are fantastic though.

  • I might buy sigma

    For that kind of money it should do video without moire or other common video problems.

    The screen is probably low resolution so they have more things to improve on the version II.
    such is market economics.. The advance is artificially limited.

  • paf

    I’ll wait for an $5000 instant rebate to jump on it….
    That or when I’ll win the lotto (and to win I yet have to buy a ticket for the first time ever).

  • NIKON D3x/s has my vote, especially for this kind of loot. Wow.

  • I really like the idea of foveon sensors… they should go with someone else to use this technology on bigger scale.
    I think they have 2 good things – unique sensors and good optics…
    Well… why suffocate yourself with everything else – Sigma, please, let’s move the world one step ahead – cooperate with other producers!

  • Sarge

    They make their lenses in Nikon and Canon mounts. Why not their bodies? I’ll likely only ever try one of their cameras (I do appreciate the IQ they produce) if I don’t have to invest in all new lenses. I don’t see ever replacing my Nikon D3 and lenses with any current Sigma, but I would like to use an SD15 from time to time… with my Nikon or Zeiss lenses.

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