Sigma slashes the price of the SD1 to $3,300, I still doubt someone will buy it

When Sigma announced the $9700 price tag of their 46MP SD1 DSLR camera in 2011, many people didn't get the joke. Well, there was no joke, the SD1 street price was set at $6899. Even their "limited edition" did not help and now Sigma is reducing the price of the SD1 to $3,300 MSRP in the US. This means that you will probably be able to buy it for less than $3k in few days. You can thank Nikon and their 36MP D800 later.

Ronkonkoma, NY, Feb. 8, 2012 – In a personal letter to the company’s loyal customers, Sigma Corporation CEO Kazuto Yamaki today announced that, starting next month, Sigma’s 46-megapixel SD1 DSLR will be renamed the SD1 Merrill in honor Richard “Dick” Merrill, the late co-creator of the Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor technology. The otherwise unchanged DSLR will also be sold at a lower price that reflects new efficiencies in the camera’s production. The SD1 Merrill will be sold for approximately $3,300 MSRP in the United States.

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  • Oliver

    Such a disappointment. Sorry, Sigma. Just sell Foveon to Olympus or Leica!

    • Mike

      Sell it to Pentax, too. I just bought a K5 🙂

      • Oliver

        Oh yeah, Pentax/Ricoh too. Don’t sell it to Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, Fuji or Nikon, They have sensor manufacturing capabilities already. Hahaha!

        • Global

          Poor Sigma, they thought they were Nikon, but they are not. Sigma needs to remember who it is — Sigma. Some executive forgot himself and his company.

          This camera should always have been between $2,600 and $3,000.

  • MarkR

    Dpreview is reporting a minimum advertised price of $2300.

    • lorenzino

      Not even for 1000 dollars…
      The worst launch ever, congrats. Apparently it is very difficult to fire someone in Japan…

  • Hahaha!

  • bob2

    Let me see–Nikon D800e (full frame, 36mp, full video, pro lens line-up) or Sigma SD-1 (aps-c, proprietary lens mount w/ famous Sigma quality control, etc.) at $3300? Sigma comes to a gunfight with a pocketknife….

    At least if Sigma sells one the first month and then 2 the following, it can legitimately claim that sales doubled!

  • I would buy the SD1 for 3300USD if it was full frame!

    • lynn

      not if it only accepts sigma lenses.

      • Yes… Canon and Nikon makes much better full frame 12-24mm, 150 f/2.8 OS, 120-300 f/2.8 OS, 300-800 f/5.6, 200-500 f/2.8, etc. lenses ;P

        • Remedy

          Exactly. I am stunned by the blindness or pure stupidity of some people. Sigma 50 f/1.4 destroys both Canon and Nikon 50’s. According to Canon forums Sigma 85 f1.4 is better in every way than Canon 85 1.2 L. Sigma macro lenses 150 and 180 are class of it’s own. And I love both Canon’s and Nikon’s 20mm f1.8 … oh wait, they DON’T have such lens. Oh and please be so kind and show me 8-16mm for aps-c or 10-20mm for full frame from Canon or Nikon. Oh, You can’t. Get some fking sense to Your head about get it out of Your ass maybe to see the world has more colors than red or yellow.

          • Remedy

            That was meant for lynn.

          • joe b low

            Aaaawh, someone woke up with sand in his vagina today.

  • lolly

    What about the Pentax 645D … any price reduction ?

    • Global

      Good camera, needs a price cut now. Pentax — don’t follow Sigma. Ricoh is a bit more sensible in pricing, hopefully pride doesn’t get in the way of understanding the strong role of a second class competitor.

  • photonut

    “I still doubt someone will buy it”

    I think you nailed it. The entire SD1 concept is DOA!

  • El_Pickerel

    Shame really – the concept of the sensor is cool, but I don’t think you are getting many people switching from whatever they already have to being limited to Sigma lenses. I wonder how many people would consider this camera if it could be purchased with different mounts.

    • vam

      You can have the mount replaced to accept Leica R lenses. The SD1 takes really sharp images even with their own zooms, I can just imagine what would it do with a Summilux. The out-of-focus areas are more pleasing to my eye as with the bayer sensors not to mention the colors. Yes, it’s a quirky camera with a lot of risks as an investment but for $2300 (if dpreview is right) I don’t think it’s a bad deal.

      • lynn

        why would u mount manual lenses to it??? no focus confirmation, no focus peaking assist, so it’s a hit or miss shot.

        • fred

          Yeah, hit or miss. It’s a wonder anyone was able to take a decent photograph before AF came along.

          • Remedy

            Well said Sir.

    • shadowfoto

      well, sigma SA mount is EOS (even flange distance is 44mm) with geometry of K-mount

      the only incompatibility is IS, otherwise it’s about 2-3 hours to replace mount to plain EF

      but then u’re still stuck with sigma flashguns.

  • Ivo

    The joke was that Sigma thought with their X3 sensor could also raise the price X3 times…

  • Bob van Ooik

    Ill informed, nasty worded post. I expected a slightly more decent coverage than this from you. The actual price will be $1ooo lower than you wrote, $2299. No mentioning of the steps they took to compensate the early buyers? I think Sigma made a brave step to correct a difficult situation that was not right.

  • Soros

    Dumbasses should have licensed the EOS and F mount and sold the damned thing for $1500.

  • Soros

    “Early buyers”…Someone actually bought one?!?!?

  • TaoTeJared

    Although I laugh, but actually Leica could be the only viable option for the sensor since it doesn’t do video and Leica users are already use to the lower ISO range.

    It is a ridiculously good sensor. It is a shame they only offer it in their own mount.

  • fred

    Sigma should merge with Lytro and produce a new Kodak-designed camera sold under the Polaroid name.

  • $3300? Still not there yet… Maybe they would have a nice market at $1800 and below. It still lacks features of cameras around the $1000 – $1500 range like the K-5 and D7000…

  • When it falls to the $1,900 they originally promised, I will go into a store and play with one. Then I will give serious consideration to buying a second hand one for $900 and modifying it to EF mount for use as a special situations body.

    OOPS. One flaw in that plan. Nobody ever bought one so they can’t sell it for peanuts.

    I feel really bad for few remaining die-hard Sigma fanbois who paid $6,800. That thing is devaluing faster than a Saab. I feel bad for them except the ones who defended it and encouraged others to buy it. They deserve the camera they got.

    • I think die-hard Sigma fans always knew what they were in for… unlike die-hard Nikon fans who paid $8000 for the D3X which is now worth nothing… oh wait, Nikon did that with the D3->D700… and from the D2X ($6000)->D3 as well. Hmm…

      • scurvyhesh

        YA DONT SAY??? You forgot the part where Nikon makes world class professional cameras and Sigma doesnt.

        • +1. Nikon rocks if you have the money. They aren’t the be all and end all, but I am expanding my Nikon kit.

        • So you mean to say that if I had bought a D3X recently, I can tell myself “oh well at least Nikon makes world class professional cameras” and everything will suddenly become better? 🙂

      • Sucks to be them too.

      • Harold Ellis

        if you buy something so expensive which does not make you moneys, you are dumb. when new camera is released, it is not like you need to run and buy new one

      • Peter

        Who ever said that the d800 outperforms the d3x? Sure… it has higher resolution, but that’s not even half the story. Let’s wait for a real comparison.

        • The D3X is a “performance” camera? 😀

          I’m willing to be the D800’s 36MP files, at least when resized to the D3X’s 24MP size, will be of equal quality. Most likely better.

          But matching image quality alone is more than enough for a $3000 camera to make a $8000 useless.

          And that’s without considering the video and the new metering system. Also did you know that the D3X’s highest hardware ISO is 1600? 😉

  • Molko

    Too little too late, the usual norm for Sigma.

  • faterikcartman

    I would buy one if it came in a Nikon mount. Please don’t tell me, as some seem to have in comments above, that Sigma makes better lenses than Nikon or Canon. Even if Sigma did, I would not care at this point. The reality is I have a boatload of Nikon glass. Right now. And Sigma doesn’t make a body that I would give up, for example, the D800 for. So if you want to sell me a Sigma body give me a Nikon mount. But if you’re trying to get me to go all in on Sigma and either buy a whole new set of lenses, or give up my Nikon gear — you’re dreaming Sigma.

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