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Sigma SD1 retail price: $6,899

The retail price of the Sigma SD1 is $6,899 – almost $3,000 less than the initial MSRP of $9,700. This also explains why the SD1 kits were priced lower than the body.

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It’s Monday and the Sigma SD1 still costs $9700

It’s Monday and the price of the Sigma SD1 is still $9700. I guess the initial price was not a typo. The SD1 kit prices are still lower than the price of the camera.

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Guest post: Detailed analysis of the Sigma SD1’s Foveon X3 technology

This is a comment from Dan (@ZDP189) on my last Sigma SD1 post that I think it is worth sharing in a separate thread (you can check also Dan’s Fuji X100 review): Ah, you’ve run into the old Foveon X3 pixel count vs resolution chestnut. Some say Foveon called their technology ‘X3′ because they overstate […]

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Was the Sigma SD1 price a typo?

Is the $9700 price tag of the Sigma SD1 a typo? Sigma advertises on their website a SD1 kit with the 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM lens for $7,819.00. The 85mm f/1.4 lens alone is listed for $1400 (street price is $969). I talked to a major photo equipment retailer today and they were waiting on […]

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Sigma SD1 price and availability *updated*

Update: you can see some new sample images from the Sigma SD1 here (the site takes forever to load). Yes, today Sigma did release the price an availability info on the 46MP SD1 camera: $9,700, starts shipping in early June. Don’t bother with pre-orders, I think there will be plenty of SD1 cameras lying around. Seriously, does anyone […]

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Sigma SD1 availability update

According to the General Manager at Sigma Benelux, the Sigma SD1 will be released at the end of June, 2011. Sigma is currently running a SD1 giveaway that ends on May 31, 2011 – they better have the camera ready by then 🙂 Some other rumors suggested that the price and availability of the SD1 will […]

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Where is the 46 MP Sigma SD1 DSLR camera?

  There is still no word on the release of the Sigma SD1 DSLR. The camera was initially set to launch around February/March of 2011 (source: Sigma @ Facebook): Hopefully this will not turn into another, almost 2 years delay, like the SD15.

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