No word on the 46MP Sigma SD1 camera

Update: Sigma has posted some SD1 sample images on their website.

I was expecting to hear some updates on the Sigma SD1 during the CP+ show in Japan. The camera was initially scheduled to be released around February of 2011. I hope this will not turn into another almost 2 years delay like the SD15.

The Sigma SD will have a 46 MP(4,800×3,200×3 layers) 24×16mm APS-C X3 sensor and dual TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II image processing engine. There were some rumors that Sigma is working on a full-frame version of that sensor. The SD1 will not have video, but they may consider it in future models.

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  • How good is Sigma glass, though? I mean, that sensor sounds really great, but if the quality of the final image is dumbed down because of the glass, then who would buy it?

    • distanted

      Their 50mm 1.4 gets rave reviews and some Nikon and Canon owners feel it’s worth the $150 premium over their own camera’s brand 50mm.

      • Somebody

        Sigmas 30 1.4, 50 1.4, 85 1.4, 105 2.8, 150 2.8, 180 3.5, and 500 4.5, are superb lenses.

        • CRB

          Have an SD14 and the 30mm…the lens is average at best…the newest ones are supposed to be better…50mm, 8-16mm, 17-50mm OS….and my 12-24mm has decentering problems…

      • Huh.
        Are there any professionals who use Sigma bodies? I’ve never heard of any…

        • Eric

          Sigma doesent make a professional camera so that question is irrelevant. If and when they release some full frame models on a timely matter with good support then you never know.

          Canon and Nikon wont be the only two in town for ever.

          • Pros use have used D70s D80 D90 and a bet a D40 or 2. Hell i have a D40 as a back up in my bag all the time. along with cheaper glass like the very old screw drive 24-120 or 24-85 AFs.

            its that they have invested in glass and sigma does not have a strong history in the DSLR camera world. So they dont know if there will be a next model.

            But that said i am sure some use sigma. Nikon/Canon are not the only pro used cameras in town.

          • sdfsdf

            it is only dream
            look, sony released pro camera, have (unlike sigma) legacy history (through minolta) and some PWN glass (Zeiss) yet no pro cares.

        • zeissgit

          i met a wedding pro who had 3x SD14 bodies (the ones that were halved in price?) and swore by the dynamic range. he used them for weddings and printed up to poster size – A1 OR A0. The thing about this models sensor being only 14mpg is rubbish – check the italian dude via google on the really resolution – this one would be something like 21mp!

    • danpe

      50-500 OS is probably the best airshow lens available and the 300-800 is an amazing lens for birding. I’m not saying that everything they do is top notch, expecially not the old and cheap glass. Looking forward to the new 12-24, if it’s as good as the 8-16 for crop I’ll buy one. When it comes to cameras they’re a bit behind on things that matter to me such as high ISO, AF, FPS and buffer size.

  • Igorek7

    Didn’t you see that cute dog with a dead butterfly? 😉

  • camaman

    I thought this sigma is already available, but nobody uses id so there is no chatter…
    Been looking for some samples and comparison pics.

    They need to be faster with their releases… If the sensor is old news when it finally hits, then why bother at all…

  • Jeremy Porter

    The following link of Sigma SD 1’s official website might answer some of your questions:

  • Ken Elliott

    So this is actually a 15+MP sensor, but each pixel is a true RGB pixel, rather than Bayer design. It should out-resolve any sensor in the 15-24MP range. Yeah – I have uses for that.

    Sigma mount? Sorry – no sale.

    Hey Sigma, since you already reverse engineered how Nikon lens interface works, how about making this camera in a Nikon mount? I’ve too much invested in Nikon glass to consider your camera, but if I can use my existing glass, I am very likely to buy one for doing things my D700’s don’t. That will give you lots of street cred. Having your own mount might seem to make sense to your management, but you won’t convert Canon and Nikon users. We are largely married to our lens mounts, and you don’t have enough good history to make us jump ship. You’ll note that many of us added a Micro 4/3 camera because of the existence of adapters for our existing glass. Take the hint. You aren’t selling enough cameras to have a market to lose.

    • Anonymus Maximus


      The Sensor has its own feel, but nobody in his right mind would sell the nikon glas for such a camera. A full second set of glas is also out of the question.

      With a Nikon mount I would not think twice to add it to the stable.

      But the way Japanese Businessmen seem to work, I have zero hope that that might actualy happen. So long SD1

  • What’s a Pentax?

    Sigma should use the full frame Foveon sensor in a mirrorless camera like the Sony NEX, a camera that with any number of adapters can literally use any lens ever made. Even Leica M! That camera would sell like hot cakes!

    Sigma needs to rethink their DSLR strategy, I’ve never seen a Sigma DSLR out in public! Quit fudging Megapixel count. Stop counting the three layers separately. Consumers are too smart for that shell game.

    Please rethink the slow 30mm/2.8 E lens too, it’s too slow and big. If it’s macro that’s fine but if not look at the Samsung NX to see where to improves. Namely, speed! Open that lens up to at least 1.4-2.0 and give it at least nine rounder aperture blades for some killer bokeh!

    • preston

      Full-frame Foveon sensor? Do they have one of these? Even this new SD1 only has an APS-C sensor. .

      • spam

        No Full Frame from Foveon, and it seems like they can’t get the new 15MP APS-C out to customers either.

  • ZDP-189

    LOL, I was just ribbing them about this on Twitter a couple of days ago. They launched the looooooong awaited SD15 and then shortly after that announced the SD1 ensuring that nobody would buy the SD15. Everybody even remotely responsible for Sigma DLSR development and marketing deserves to commit corporate seppuku with a spork.

    Frankly, it would be bad enough that we wait years for their models which are barely on a technological par at the time of announcement (and the best part of a decade late when available), but then they charge premium prices for them!

    What really gets me is the Foveon X3 produces blocky, low res images that can’t be cropped or printed big. I’m not dredging up the technical controversy of Foveon X3 pixel count, but practical experience of owning and shooting with the camera with a pro lens on it . I have a SD-9 and some EX glass. The camera was a joke, even when it was new. I only bought it to test out the Foveon X3. That sucked. At one point I gave up on the camera and decided I wouldn’t on-sell it because nobody deserves the aggro of owning it so I unscrewed the ICF only to find it doesn’t take decent IR photos either, because the sensor isn’t very sensitive. To talk of the sensor, although that was totally undisturbed and practically new, it went belly up, producing totally messed up images like someone had taken a lump-hammer to it.

    No, sigma should stick to making cheap but serviceable lenses and leave the DSLR development to those with the budget and competence to get the job done.

    • frogman

      “…sigma should stick to making cheap but serviceable lenses and leave the DSLR development to those with the budget and competence to get the job done.”

      Despite what the naysayers and whiners say, this is where Sony comes in. Just give them another few years. They have already released some of the most innovative features in consumer cameras in the past year.

  • asdasd

    no word… nothing lost…
    room of people who would care is…..


  • mandrake

    I’m still hoping they make a 35mm f1.4 (non-DC) lens. Basically a 35mm version of their 85mm f/1.4.

  • jack

    no worries, it will be released in time for the next world cup…

  • ob1

    Would be interesting if they made a FF version.

    Any photo samples around for this sensor?

    And what’s the advantages of this sensor, apart from 46 mpx


    • ob1

      ok my bad im not first, the comments didnt appear until i posted the comment haha.

  • ZDP-189

    Coverage from the Sigma booth:

    Love the padlock, Sigma, stay classy.

  • Edward Nafzger

    Yes guys i am almost convinced that the new apo 120-300 F2:8 ex dg os hsm lens will be a mega seller worldwide i just wait for an international test and some sample photo´s and get it i us nikon with vr lenses to but need an f 2:8 zoom lens nobody else has it canon is going to make a copy from nikons 200-400 f4 but with tc 1.4 wonder how that works

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