This is the Olympus EP-3 (pictures)

Here are three pictures of the front, back and top of the upcoming Olympus EP-3 camera (see specs):

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  • Rod

    Some size similarity with the Pentax Q?

    • no viewfinder, no care

      • What Haveyou

        You don’t appear to understand the Micro 4/3 concept.

        • Craig

          OK, wise one, then explain it. Why not OVF is so great.

          • Eddy

            lolzors @Craig +1

        • asdasd

          yep, concept is: size of smaller DSLR and image quality and limitations of P&S. Makes sense. No wonder they have so HUUUUUUGEEEE profits :-D.
          but i heard they sell well to uninformed moms wanting DSLR to shoot their kids. only issue is that price match the DSLR so, even some moms actually pick DSLR instead

        • Teeny weeny 43

          What concept? they put in a teeny weeny sensor, call it micro4/3 and then sell it at a premium to a bunch of dufuses who dont know any better. Wait..there’s no mirror..that must be the concept…wait..its been done already with point and shoot cameras. Looking forward to seeing how long it will take Olympus to abandon this line along with their, om, pen f, 4/3 cameras. the need to rename their system the abandon 4/3 system. Bahahahahahaaaaaaaa. It’s funny’s TRUE.

  • Bidou

    New Lens with aperture ring ?

    • CRB

      +1……..strange or exciting….

    • MJr

      That the new 12/2 ???

      • not sure, hard to tell

        • @MJr: yes, it’s the 12mm f/2
          @Rod: not even close. The E-P3 is the same size as E-P1 and E-P2, the Q is much smaller, about the size of a compact camera.
          @Bidou: no aperture ring, but it has a focus ring with markings, which is new for m4/3. Basically called R lenses.

          • Rachnaroch

            R for Retro? Well, doubt it since the rumored updated kit zooms are also designated R. Rapid then? 🙂

            From the back the camera looks a little less wide then the EP1 and EP2, doesn’t it? That or the LCD is wider, because the vertical button array now have the symbols in them and not to the side. It also seems the secondary wheel/4-way keys is placed far to the right.

  • CRB

    I wish oly released a new 17mm…a better one…with at least 20mm pans performance…

    • Anon

      Why? The only thing micro 4/3rds has going for it is being able to use all of the lenses…just grow some balls and put the panasonic on your camera

      • bidou

        I agree with CRB, i’d love a fast with good IQ 35mm lens equivalent. The 20mm is nice but act more like a 42/45mm after in body correction

        • CRB

          Yep. thats it…

      • CRB

        Anon, i still prefer 35mm EQ….and 2.8 is still slow…

        • Anon

          Then use a real camera.

  • anon

    How is it even possible to take that bad photos of something, like the ones posted here?

    • ovas

      Only because they do not know anything about taking photos at all. Can’t trust such people!

  • great photos delete

  • Elmo

    Why are spyshots always blurry ?

    • Wouldn’t be a spyshot… haha

      • I think it was deliberate. Olympus have an art filter for spyshots, called slow sync.

  • Kaumy2

    Were these pictures taken with an Olympus camera?

  • Richard

    This is getting interesting. Oly E-P3, new Fujis, new Leica, and even a Pentax Q.

    The Q would not likely match any of the others in a straight up IQ comparison, but could capture the interest of a market segment where IQ is not the overriding concern.

    The iPhone 5 is rumored to have a new camera with twin LED flashes and other optimizations for improved low light image capture and IQ. The speculation is that it is intended, as is the Q, to compete with the (compact) P&S camera segment.

    None have addressed Thom Hogan’s continuing question about what the camera manufacturers are going to do to present a product that uploads to the “social media” sites quickly as the various phones presently do. The only thing which comes close is an Olympus accessory which enables Bluetooth communication with other devices…presumably a smart phone, tablet or even a laptop.

    The Sony mirrorless offering, though offering good IQ, is limited by the comparatively large size of the lenses necessitated by the larger sensor.

    It appears that Olympus is “cutting the baby in half” by offering one model which the user simply turns on and snaps a pic and another for users who want more control based on the same hardware which is an interesting way of approaching the two divergent interests in this market segment, one which is potentially a winner.

    Nikon and Canon? The possibility is that they will be so late to market that they may not even enter it or, in doing so, will simply take a bath. There is, however, the rather remote possibility that they will benefit from being the late comer and “get it right”, but I would not bet the farm on this happening based upon their past track records. That leaves the upmarket segment open to them, but not much else in the EVIL-like segments.

    • Richard

      I have not used them, but am told by several people that they work for the most part. Still, most of the target market will want/need something integrated into the camera itself, especially those who opt for the turn it on and snap versions.

    • What Haveyou

      Why would you need software to support those? Those cards work in regular cameras today.

      • thommyorkk

        that’s my question. eye-fi cards work in any SD-card camera. what is this extra ‘support’ that the rumor sites are touting?

        the eye-fi card still needs to connect to your iphone/ipad/home network to do what it needs to do (and appropriately, there are apps for this to seamlessly install on your device). so what’s in-camera support supposed to do?

    • Eddy

      See this dot . ? That’s the size of the sensor on the iPhone.

  • Marvin8

    No built-in viewfinder? Seriously?

    • What Haveyou

      You need to read up on the Micro 4/3 camera. If you want a viewfinder, buy a regular 4/3 camera.

      • Craig

        OK, this is twice in one thread you are condescending in tone and don’t explain yourself. What is so magical about the micro 4/3 that it doesn’t need a OVF? Explain.

      • camerageek

        It’s actually called micro four turds, since the concept isn’t for real photography but for half wit peasants like yourself

    • MK

      I wish your dream could come true: forthwith that Jesus should return to Earth, bearing a digital camera with a OVF dynamic hybrid built in viewfinder that is not produced by fuji, available at best buy around the country for $100 so that people could finally stop discussing it for good and thereby save the interwebs from imminent annihilation.

      If your post was an element, it would be boron

  • john

    that zuiko lens looks interesting.

  • Very shrug worthy. The lens is a step in the right direction, but the rest is more of the same. The interface on the EP-1 was a pain, and I imagine it still well be here, especially with a touch screen that you’ll have to turn on and off because the buttons will get pushed.

    I don’t know whats so special about the touch screen thing, in cameras it only seems to make everything worse.

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