Olympus EP-3 specs

Here are some preliminary Olympus EP-3 specs:

  • new, in-house developed 12MP sensor
  • improved high ISO performance with a max ISO of 12800
  • built-in flash
  • 1080i 60i video recording
  • a new, faster AF system
  • touchscreen LCD display with over 600k dots
  • new interface incl, buttons, menus, ports, additional pre-set filter

Olympus is expecting to announce the EP-3 together with E-PM1, E-PL3 and a new 12mm f/2 lens on June 30th.

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  • broxibear

    “touchscreen LCD display”…that’s interesting, I wonder if Nikon will put one on their D400 or D800 ?

    • Craig

      Let’s hope not.

      • Mooboy

        Why hope not? I think a nice touch screen interface, if done well, would be much more intuitive and quick than the existing menu structures.

        • Craig

          Have you use the one on the NEX5 for example? No thanks!

  • MB

    No built in viewfinder? No deal for me …

  • Joel D

    Um, the PEN cameras have an accessory viewfinder. One rumor is that they’re coming out with a more affordable one. Do any of the mirror less bodies have a viewfinder?

    • M9?

      • CRB

        Bingo…and its pretty cheap too….

    • Ken Elliott

      Fujifilm X100
      Leica M9

    • MB

      Electronic viewfinder is what I had in mind.

  • CRB

    If it matches APS-C sonys DR sensors, i will be getting one…

    • anon

      It won’t, thought it’s supposed to be slightly improve. But the lens selection is light years ahead of Sony’s e mount.

  • Eric

    I would love to love these cameras, but I just hate electronic viewfinders 🙁 im sure they will be great nonetheless although I wish Oly would put out a full frame camera, or just up there game with a pro level M4/3 camera

  • yoyoma

    weird no seems to care about the biggest news here. ”IN-HOUSE SENSOR” which would be a first for Olympus. Can’t wait to see the results. I’ve always wanted a reason to go back to Olympus and their m4-3 are getting pretty dam close to get me to get a little walk around setup.

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