Three new cameras from Fuji in September

There will be 3 new Fuji cameras announced around September this year. This tweet from the Fujiguys back in February also indicated something "exciting" coming in Fall '11:

Here is the rundown of the rumored new Fuji cameras:

1. The first camera will be a large sensor (maybe APS-C or m4/3rdsish) fixed lens hybrid with a 20x zoom and weather sealing.  Fuji is targeting the low enders who might otherwise get a Nikon D3100, but don't want to buy a system camera.

2. The second camera will be targeting the Panasonic LX-5/Canon G12 crowd. It will be a fixed lens compact, with a f/2-2.8 aperture zoom lens, and retro styling. It might have a viewfinder but this is not confirmed yet.

3. Now it gets interesting: the third camera will probably be some kind of a mirrorless solution with a sensor probably smaller than APS-C, something in the m4/3 range. Just a reminder that Fujifilm is part of the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group.

There was another rumor that the Fuji X100 is just a stepping stone and a X100 based camera with interchangeable lenses is expected in the future.

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  • Kenji

    I hope if the rumors are right and Fuji comes out with an interchangable lens X100 that they leverage the M39 screwmount or the Leica M mount or something….I’d really hate to see the X100 end up a bit stillborn due to a lack of lenses…

    Even if its not full frame, I’d buy it if it had interchangeable lenses (I go more for a 50mm-90mm equivalent lens over the 35mm equivalent in the X100..)

  • Trev

    I work at a Polytechnic in Dunedin teaching radio. A few months back the Diploma in Photography teacher took his students out on a field trip near Queenstown for a photo shoot. While they were there they bumped into a pro photographer who was taking shots with a new Fuji DSLR. The camera had not been released andI was told it had over 20 mega pix. Not sure if it falls into any of your rumors, but it’s great to see another manufacturer making waves in the market place. Fuji have changed the playing field of modern cameras and brought back much needed style.

    Love your blog



    • John

      If they stay with the Nikon mount like they did in the past, they could be a viable alternative as a DSLR. Their Nikon based F series DSLR were highly regarded. Lets pray they don’t fall victim to ego and come up with a whole new lens mount.

    • Chris P

      In my heart of hearts I know it isn’t going to happen, but if that Fuji SLR was a full frame version of the sensor of the Fuji S5 in a D700 body, then I would have no doubt what my next camera would be.

      • Teun

        As good as the S5 was, it is surpassed in many ways (even in DR) by the newer sensors from sony/nikon/canon. I still shoot with my S5, but I must admit that there are better sensors around today.

        • Your point being? The D300 is a better camera than the D200, which was a better camera than a D100. Just because something newer has come along now doesn’t mean that the preceding technology wasn’t great at the time…

          A Model T doesn’t hold a candle to a modern Fiesta – doesn’t mean it wasn’t outstanding when it was introduced (and indeed for some time after).

          • Teun

            My point being is that they would need to improve the sensor a lot, not just make a bigger version to be able to compete with the competition. A fullframe sensor with the same technology used in the s3 and s5 won’t do it.

      • I would LOVE an updated Sx SLR with Nikon F-mount. I have $ in that mount, and love the bodies for a number of reasons. The Fuji highlights, however, are great (or were) for the time. It is true that more recent cameras are better in that area.

        Still D700 is quite large. I’d love something smaller, like a throwback to old SLR’s without the battery bulge and built-in flash. Simple, smaller, and fewer functions.

        I doubt either Fuji or Nikon will do that, though.

        • Teun


  • John

    For the sake of Fuji and the substantial photographic public that is tired of the same old same old I hope 1 and 2 die before birth. Why a company with the miniscule market share of Fuji would want to get into a gunfight with Canon, Sony and the M4/3s crowd with something like 1 and 2 is a mystery and would probably be self destructive. The X100 has the potential chops to hit a wide open niche in the market that no one seems to be interested in – a compact affordable large sensor M mount camera. The range of adapters that the NEX and M4/3 cameras have spawned is testament to the pent up demand for a camera in this class – not another megazoom or pocket wizard; we have enough of those. An affordable alternative to the M9 makes far more sense. Why aren’t any of the camera manufacturers listening????

    • Disiderio


    • Bondi Beach

      Yes – the Leica lenses are great, but Leica seem to take too long to integrate features like hi-res back, CMOS sensor, and (don’t flame me!) movie recording. An alternative manufacturer for the M mount who could add those features would be very attractive to the market – and price is not so much of an issue because of the cost of the Leica lenses. I guess that they would have to offer at least a 35mm lens so that purchasers could buy a complete camera

  • Disiderio

    Dear Fuji. Release a x100 with a nikon f mount and I’ll gladly give you my “d800 money”. 😉

    • Anon

      That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.

      1) The entire point of getting rid of the mirror is…to get rid of all that space it takes up. If you used Nikon lenses, you’d have to add that space back, it would just be hollow. So you’d have a big hollow camera with a viewfinder. Might as well have an SLR. Nikon S-mount I could understand, but not F-mount.

      2) Why would you want to put Nikkors on such a camera in general?! What a waste. A camera that could take Voigtlander/Zeiss/Leica M-mount lenses would be far superior in basically every way. Especially since Nikon has given up on aperture rings. It will NEVER happen, and it shouldn’t.

      • FM3A

        Why not a digital camera the size of my FM3A – F mount but smaller (with some nice Voigtlanders SL/SLIIs)

  • Go Full Frame Fuji!

    Go Full Frame Fuji!

    Design the camera to allow for Leica and Voigtlander M lenses to be used (with adapter).

    Fuji lenses are pretty good in their own right, the Fuji EBC (Electro Beam Coating) Coating is an excellent form of multicoating.

    Design the camera that does all this and you got my money!!!

    • Anon

      Yes! Everyone is waiting for a camera like the M9 that doesn’t cost as much. If you can create a full-frame camera with an optical viewfinder/rangefinder that has a short enough flange focal distance to take M lenses with an adapter all for under $3000 body only, you could potentially bring down Leica.

  • Aurelo

    Maybe this tweet is not related to hardware. New firmware just came out for x100, and in that context there sure seems to be a lot of other issues that users demand to be fixed and fuji needs to listen to.

    If it was hardware, wouldn’t the good sensor they have in x100 be the something they would try to milk in another cam. In this three supposed cameras you’ll dealing with three different sensor. Not gonna happen.

    What I’m not clear with is why
    a), now that Nikon got a great lens line up out, they don’t make a F-mount body. I’d love a pair to my D700.

    b) they don’t make a interchangeable leica mount cam (it could be x100 sensor for first version). I’m betting every leica m8/m9 owner would buy one just because they can.

    This would allow them to concentrate on body and sensor only.

  • Samuel

    The x100 has stured up a whole bunch of excitement alot of us have hoped the industry would follow. Yet they have not. I would be glad to see fuji come out with something that would make the rest of the manufacturers look like a joke. Weather they can compete or not the right product will make the better funded competitors come up with a reaction wihc we would all appreciate if it was a good one. Kudos to fuji for being the little guy going in the direction the industry needs.

  • sgts

    fuji make such great sensors, it would a real shame if they didnt bring out a dslr.

    • Craig

      Fuji has more to gain in going toe to toe with Leica in the pseudo-rangefinder and rangefinder markets than it does going up against Nikon/Canon in the DSLR market.

      Fuji are you listening? Don’t spend your scarce resources on a DSLR. Focus that time money and attention on “The Affordable, Quiet Camera,” by showing Leica how to bring product to market.

      Oh, yes, and while you are at it, don’t reinvent the lens mount. You have already shown you like to use other companies glass, so just put a M mount on the front. Thanks.

  • er

    interesting from Fuji… X100 is good enough and the following models should be far more better than the X100 right?

  • Yes, all I want is an affordable M9!!

    Fuji’s strength is the X100 and it needs to continue pushing in that direction…

  • broxibear

    Fuji need to be careful about the cameras they bring out now.
    The X100 has lifted the brand into a different place, they’ve gained a lot of respect and admiration with the design of the X100 and all that good work would be undone somewhat by releasing a bad product.
    A m4/3 X100 sounds interesting…especially since the X100 is around £1000 compared to most m4/3 cameras which are half the price.

  • MikeV

    X100 with interchangeable lens! PLEASE!

  • _core

    X100 in black with a 50mm f1.4 for max 1.500 €!

  • Keto

    I’d be sooo happy with a X100 replacement if it sorted the weird firmware out & was full frame. I’m not at all fussed about interchangable lenses though.

    If & when something like that comes out I’ll gladly ditch my DSLRs & lenses for it.

  • 1. No thanks and that’s a lot coming from a man with a dozen Fujis
    2. Possibly. Quite likely. Much more likely if it is like a zoom X100 at F550EXR prices.
    3. I’d have preferred an APS-C or FF M-mount, but M4/3 will do.

    Seriously, I’d love to see Fuji EXR tech on a FF M-Mount. That’ll spook the Leicafanbois!

  • ken elliott

    I own a Leica, and would buy a M-mount X100 in a heartbeat.

    I have Nikon F-Mount, Leica and Zeiss M-mount lenses. I can fit all those lenses on a M-mount camera, but the Leica can’t focus SLR lenses. But a M-mount X100 could.

    If all Fujifilm does is put a M-Mount on the X100, they’ll sell like hotcakes. I’d rather have a full frame sensor, but I could understand Fujifilm wanting to use the sensor they have until they see how it sales.

  • J.Uriarte

    I’d like to see…
    -A very compact APS-C point&shoot to replace my contax T3.
    -A full frame rangefinder with M mount.

    • Chad


      The compact “T3” replacement was actually rumored a few months ago to be the X200. I could see them modeling it after the Classica Natura 1.9 which would be awesome. If they go this direction I hope they don’t go with a zoom but I wouldn’t be surprised since they could then target the LX5 market.

      I think we are all in agreement on the second!

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Some very good feedback to this post if Fuji happens to read it or care…

    * Fuji should make a BLACK X100.

    * A Fuji APS version of Contax T3 would be incredible

    * and obviously, an interchangeable lens version of the X100

    Any one of these cameras a guaranteed home run in my opinion.

    • potax

      An APS -C camera with an M Mount, evf and some sort of electronic rangefinder like the ones the nikon dslrs have would just be awesome, if it was around the same price as a d7000

    • What about a FinePix X100 CSC in Contax G mount, with fast PD AF and a FF EXR BSI CMOS with no AA filter?

      (PS, if you understood that, you need to get out more.)

  • Vladimir Markov

    Great news. I hope they keep their current design ideas.

  • X200 FF 16MP with Auto Focusing interchangeable Fujinon 14mm, 21mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. Also M mountable.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    X100 completely out of stock and unavailable… maybe that should concentrate on making them for a while… before announcing future unavailable products?

  • Nathan

    u43 is fine. APS-C advantages over 4/3 are small. Fast glass is necessary for either.

  • The market is getting interesting. Soon we may see a variety of different format cameras floating around 😮

  • huggs

    I would buy an interchangeable X100.

    • huggs

      For a $1

  • Nathan

    20X zoom on aps-C? Nah, give me a fast 2x zoom from 35-70mm and I’m happier. 20x zooms are NEVER fast lenses.

  • pc

    What about S7 Pro, FF with D700 body?!


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  • Eric

    Fuji could get themselves back in the game with a X200 with interchangeable lenses. Not to mention the other cameras rumoured.

  • How about a more affordable version of the X100. I wouldn’t mind giving up the EVF (keep the hybrid/optical vf) and movie recording if it sets the price to around £650. Just wishful thinking 🙁

  • Also, i’m surprised they haven’t released a black version yet. I made the original photoshopped version of the black X100.

  • panchenkunga

    me, i just dream of something like my old digilux 2…
    24/70 or 28/90 f/2!!!!!
    but aps/c …. hd….faster….watersealed…….

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