Fujifilm Finepix X100 limited edition box is out but is it real?

Some European stores were/are selling a Fujifilm Finepix X100 limited edition box. You can see more images of the set here and here. Brandon Remler, who works for Fujifilm USA, wrote on his blog that this limited edition set is not "anything from Fujifilm":

"Of course there is no limited edition camera set. Someone made a nice box and put the camera, case and flash in it themselves. That is smart and perhaps a good business judging by the interest in Denmark and beyond - but it's not a new camera or anything from Fujifilm."

What is even more interesting is the Certificate of Authenticity (see it here and here) that comes with the box and is signed by the X100 product planner and designer.

Here are two more images of the box:

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  • ER

    Wsell, those pictures certainly give me the feeling that this Remler dude does not know what he’s talking about. Perhaps the official word has not reached him yet. Perhaps that’s for markets other than USA only. Perhaps something else.

  • For me it looks really fake

  • Doesn’t make any sense. The LE was actually easier to get in Germany than the regular one in the beginning.
    The X100 is still hard to get (shops are not allowed to sell it over the internet, just in their brick&mortar stores)

    So where would that “someone” get so many X100s and the leather cases (which are also impossible to get) to put it in a nice box?

    The boxes ran for 1250-1300€ here in Germany (the standard box ist 1000€)
    The leather case alone is 129€.

  • Johnny B. Goode

    Looks like a coffin.

  • looks like coffin

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    I think Fuji should make a flash that looks like it belongs on the X100.

    • DrSmouse

      Yeah, it seriously looks like a rebranded Sunpak RD2000.

  • Well I like the outside of the box

  • no

    is the logo on the leather case slanted?

  • needs write R I P, no X100

  • Carlos Sol Silva

    It’s real and it’s been announced on some european countries for ages.

    Check the x100 forum, a couple of users already have it.

  • Can someone check that certificate?

  • Trevor

    “Signed” certificate. That’s a card printed with their names and signatures, not an actual signature – big difference IMO.

  • Katalog Or Id

    Perhaps the official word has not reached him yet. Perhaps that’s for markets other than USA only.

    Samsung Galaxy

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