This is the new SLR Magic Noktor Hyperprime 50mm f/0.95 lens

This is a production version of the SLR Magic Noktor Hyperprime 50mm f/0.95 lens:

It seems that SLR Magic kept the yellow/green ring on the front of the lens:

Images via ZDP-189

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  • Sky

    It looks like build in ’80s. At least in matter of finish (don’t know if it’s fully made of metal)
    It’s not really encouraging….

    Hope that it’s a quality lens……..

    • Artur Kozłowski

      what’s wrong with 80’s build? solid, functional, and simple, what, You like the plasticky XXI century toys?

      • Sky

        Ever seen Zeiss lens? Canon L lens? Pentax limited? These ain’t plastic at all while look modern.

        One doesn’t exclude another. You can make modern-looking lens which isn’t crap.

        • deer

          Actually, most of Canon L-series lenses are made out of plastic.

  • Yes, those are my images, used here with permission.

    Within an hour of Andrew’s tweet via @Noktor I was in the store that is his defacto showroom in the Sim City mall, Mongkok, Hong Kong. The chap there confirmed that this was the production version, but stock wouldn’t be coming till the end of the month and all orders had to be placed online at “around a thousand US dollars”.

    Alas, I didn’t have a M4/3 body with me, so I can’t speak about its optical qualities, nor whether there is green ghosting from the ring. I’m actually quite happy they kept it, as I think it was my favourite aspect of the lens.

    The build quality feels fine; the rings are not “Leica” smooth, but not sloppy. The tailcap wouldn’t stay on; I think the plastic cap’s lugs were stripped.

    Next time, I’ll shoot some sample images.

  • Gert

    I really hope that SLR Magic has improved the quality of the lens. It would be a pitty to see the same Lens is a slighty differnet body and under a different name. I cant wait to see the results!

  • Ben

    Looks very interesting and expensive but I’m not quite fun of that bright face ring surround the front element.

  • Lio

    Cool another 100$ security camera lens for DSLR made by Goyo and resell at 600$.

    • To be specific, SLRMagic sells the Noktor Hyperprime for US$1,000 plus US$60 shipping, plus any applicable duties and taxes. I am told that the Goyo Optical Inc TV lens GMY45095MCN, which at least appears very similar in appearance, spec and dimensions, costs $485.

      SLRMagic and the chap that runs the store that showcases their products insist that the Noktor Hyperprime is not a TV lens and that “The new one is treated for internal reflections. It also has accurate infinity distance markings for professional video use.” Plus it has a green ring. It also has a m4/3 bayonet, but no electrical contacts.

      Interestingly, the product images on the Noktor website have been updated to match the redesigned product, but the sample gallery images are the same as before.

      I’ll likely be in Singapore in a week’s time and it would be good to bring a M4/3 body and C-Mount adapter and drop in at Island Optical Systems or Precision Optics and try out the wider lenses in the Goyo Optical series:

      GMY31795MCN 17mm f/0.95
      GMY2595MCN 25mm f/0.95
      GMV42595MC 25mm f/0.95

      If they work, I can buy a 50/0.95, 25/0.95 and a 17/0.95 for the price of a Noktor Hyperprime. They should also work with the Kenko C-Mount body. With the crop factor, that should give a long telefocal lens that is super fast. I haven’t calculated depth of field, but hopefully it won’t be too shallow.

  • Bill

    Is this lens system for M4/3 or made for Nikon/Canon?

  • Bill

    Will it work on Canon/Nikon SLRs?

    • benjamin

      only as a macro lens. flange distance is too short..

  • sam

    Make for Nikon plz!

  • Bill

    Which means you can’t use it as a regular lens. Bummer.

  • That Guy

    Nice Goyo lens….. And i’m encouraged to change name to cowry-x just by ZDP-189….

  • So, f/0.95 + macro distances = pretty useless? (For Nikon/Canon)

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