“Artists & Alchemists” documentary film coming in 2011

This is the trailer of the upcoming Artists & Alchemists documentary about the resurgence of 19th century chemical photography:

From the A&A blog:

"Artists & Alchemists is a feature documentary film that explores the resurgence of 19th century chemical photography. By following ten renowned photographers creating daguerreotypes, ferrotypes and wet plate collodion photographs, Artists & Alchemists documents the sacrifice and personal vision needed to revive these once forgotten art forms."

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  • Stu

    The trailer looks interesting, can’t wait to see the finished movie!

  • Fantastic !

  • peter

    Did photographers back in that day have a rather short life because of the toxicity of the processes they used?

    • 42PL

      Yes Peter, many of them did.

  • pavel

    did photographers also bitch about film when it came and killed glass plates? what about the lack of “real art” when people stopped putting asphalt on the plates themselves at home? will people start complaining when will something else after digital come that now, this is not the “real art”, that only digital and film was…?

  • peter

    interesting. A well respected photographer at my company (well respected by non-photographers). Complained to me when I first met him that the nano coating on Nikon glass made it look like he was shooting through coke bottles. He had numerous other negative things to say that add up to, well, it is not worth commenting on. If it makes you happy do it. If someone wants to buy it, be happier. If all that gets you off is trashing others efforts without even trying to make it better…

  • Anon

    This looks great. Sally Mann is a bamf, one of my favorites

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