Fujifilm may announce two different mirrorless cameras + new Fujinon lenses

Another set of rumors for the upcoming three new cameras from Fujifilm:

  • The first camera may just be a Fuji HS20 replacement.
  • The second will be a compact  camera with a big sensor similar to the x100 but cheaper.
  • The third camera will be a mirrorless system that will be launched with a set of new Fujinon lenses. There might even be two different mirrorless version announced at the same time.

Fujifilm recently confirmed in an interview with Reuters that they may re-enter the interchangeable lens camera market with a product that is fully developed in-house (mirrorless camera and lenses).

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  • benjamin

    sweet!! im using 2 fujinon 50mms on my nikons and they re fantastic! and they arent even the EBC ones.

  • Go FULLFRAME Fuji!

    Go FullFrame Fuji!!!

    I’d buy one! Fujinon EBC lenses are really good, too!

  • SZRimaging

    Too bad it is probably September. I am considering the Olympus EPM-3 as a walk around instead of my LX3 (not happy with the image quality).

  • Just hope they don’t go m4/3… these tiny sensors are really bad. And associating with Pana and Olympus is like getting into bed with the enemy – one evil, the other dumb.

  • A cheaper X100 compact sounds interesting.. The looks of the X100 for around €400 would be niiice. I hope they will announce it soon or else I will go for the Samsung EX1.

  • MikeV

    I hope they release pictures of the interchangeable lens camera soon. I’m just about to buy a Canon 60D and would not be too happy if I see a Leica M lookalike by Fuji after I’ve spent my money. :/

    An interchangeable X100 the shape and size of a M9… would die for.

  • santela

    full frame, 18mp, $2000, m-mount, WIN.

  • Ke

    People seem obsessed that Fuji will bring out cameras with Leica’s M mounts. I really don’t see it happening.

  • FujiColors Fan

    Fuji’s strong point:- 1) APSC Sensor 2) Colors. Think a mirrorless interchangeable APSC camera would be GREAT!. Go Mirrorless for compact size and weight advantage. Interchangeble for more flexibility. Would prefer APSC rather than Four Third due to depth of field reasons (we want more bokeh effect) and high ISO capability . Image Stabilization in sensor to lessen possibiility of blur photos. Please offers a compact Mirrorless APSC with Image Stabilization in sensor and interchangeable lens and built in flash. EVF optional. But Fuji really have to improve themselves in the speed of Auto Focus. Actually Olympus has done this complete good package. However, just that the sensor size is a major obstacle for consideration (i.e. bokeh & ISO). This is the way to go Fuji!!! Hope you are listening…^^” Thx.

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