Samsung NX200 to be released this month, NX20 coming in January 2012

Mirrorless NX prototypes from Samsung promotional video

According to "Samsung Photo Consultant" from ixbt forum, the new NX200 mirrorless camera from Samsung will be announced this month and the NX20 will follow in January 2012. Both cameras are expected to have higher pixel count.

There have been several hints that the Samsung NX200 and NX20 mirrorless cameras will be announced in the next few months.


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  • NX’r

    More info on the 36×36 MF system!

    I hope Samsung makes it compatible with all Leica M lenses!!!

    • What? Do you realize that flange distance of M-line is so short that you will be able to focus with medium format camera only in macro mode?

      • *Or not to be able to focus at all.

        • NX’r

          You must not have any experience with Medium Format or Mirrorless cameras. When you get some, come back and we can talk!


          • I have experience with MF Kievs and FED rangefinders, also used M39 screw-mount lenses on a digital camera as macro-tool.

  • none

    36×36 compatible with M lenses?
    Are you drinking something ?

  • Nobody

    Since image circles are round and 35mm film is 24mmx36mm I don’t see a reason to be drinking at all 🙂

    • cptrios

      It would still put extra stress on corner sharpness though, would it not?

    • El Aura

      If you think that an image circle that covers 24 x 36 mm also covers 36 x 36 mm, you are under some kind of influence.

      (Hint: (24^2 + 36^2)^0.5 < (36^2 + 36^2)^0.5).

      Unless you only want a square sensor to not having to rotate the camera to switch between landscape and portrait, or you want to be able to shoot square, 30.5 x 30.5 mm, in addition to the 2:3 format.

      • NX’r

        You’re good at math, now pat yourself on the back.

        A 36 x 36 mm sensor could be cropped to at least four formats, by the photographer or camera itself:

        24 x 36 mm portrait
        24 x 36 mm landscape
        30.5 x 30.5 mm square (with no fringing with a 35mm lens)
        36 x 36 mm (with some fringing on a 35mm lens. The 35mm lens would be projecting a circle on a square formatted sensor, so the very corners would be black.)

        A 36 x 36 mm sensor could easily get complete coverage from a Medium Format lens though. There are tons out there, Hasselblad Rollei, Mamiya, etc.

        So by this math: (in MM)

        APS-C = 23.5 x 15.7 mm (SA= 368.95 mm)
        FullFrame = 24 x 36 mm (SA = 864 mm)
        Leica S2 = 45 x 30 mm (SA = 1,350 mm)

        A proposed 36 x 36 mm sensor could deliver:

        Full Coverage: SA = 1,296 mm

        Squared 30.5 x 30.5 mm coverage without fringing: SA = 930.25 mm

        That would be one hell of a camera, I’d buy it.

        A 36 x 36 mm sensor would only be 54mm smaller than the Leica S2 sensor and could deliver maximum coverage to any 35mm legacy lens.

        That’s still a lot of surface area and it would be a really strong selling point of 36 x 36 mm formated camera. Especially if it did video without overheating the sensor.

        • El Aura

          Yeah, look how square sensors have taken off in the MF area where people already were used to the idea. Way too few people are willing to pay for a 33% larger sensor (which would tend to cost at least 50% more) just so they do not have to rotate the camera (or back) or could produce square images ‘natively’. Heck, look at how many square images people are publishing nowadays. I occasionally do square images but it is probably about one in a thousand.

          Multiformat sensor only have enough demand if you they cater to at least two popular output formats (as they do with 16:9 video and 2:3 or 3:4 stills in the GH-2). Since square is not popular enough by far, there at all likelihood will never be a square sensor. What is next? A round sensor?

          • NX’r

            MF sensors have been price prohibitive. Kodak has had little competition. I would never buy a Kodak product if given a choice. Kodak is complete crap.

            It’s not just the aspect of not having to rotate the camera. I still have a few MF lenses that would cover the sensor of a 36 x 36.

            Theoretically, a tele converter would boost any 35mm lens and give it full 36 x 36 coverage. It would have to be a quality teleconverter or the results are a wash.

            I’m really interested in this proposed camera. The surface area of the sensor is awesome. You can shoot multiple lens formats on one camera instead of having to buy multiple cameras.

            Most likely this camera will be able to handle (with adapters):

            APS-C lenses
            35mm FullFrame & Legacy Lenses
            Legacy Medium Format Lenses
            Samsung or Schneider’s own format for this camera

            There are bound to be more, but this camera would have a lot of utility. I’d buy one.

  • NX’r

    It can be done fellas.

    A simple spacing adapter would be all that would be needed to shoot any other kind of lens, including other Medium Format or even traditional 35mm. By keeping the flange distance short, (Like M Distance) the 36×36 Samsung would be able to use just about any lens ever made.

    I bought a Sony NEX because I can shoot all of my lenses on it. Including Leica and Voigtlander M. If Samsung can do it better, they got my business.

    • El Aura

      “the 36×36 Samsung would be able to use just about any lens ever made.”

      I think that already applies to m43 cameras.

      • NX’r

        Samsung already leap frogged M4/3 by putting an APS-C sensor in the NX.

        M4/3 is too small to be of any interest to a lot of serious photographers.

        M4/3 still gets clobbered by APS-C and especially FullFrame sensors.

  • If it’s the small one, I’m having one.

  • Les

    An M lens adapter would work (provided the flange focal distance isn’t too long), with one reservation: you need to crop the image to fit the M lens’s image circle.

    The cool thing about this is that you can crop vertically or horizontally, without flipping the camera, and you can pick your crop in post. Anything from 24×36 H/V to 30.6mm square fits within the image circle.

    That’s exactly how a lot of pros work with a square format camera such as a Hasselblad or Rolleiflex. Shoot square and then crop to the desired shape.

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