The latest patents from Panasonic, Sony, Canon and Samsung

Those are the latest patents from: Panasonic, Sony, Canon and Samsung.

Panasonic filed a patent for a camera with a retractable grip and swivel LCD screen:

Here is another patent from Panasonic for a different type of swivel LCD screen:


Patent 2011090099 from Panasonic is for a 46-188mm m4/3 zoom lens:

  • Focal distance: 46.3806 94.1124 188.5677
  • F number: 3.98986 4.65575 5.66031
  • Field angle: 13.3631 6.3982 3.2157
  • Image height: 10.8150 10.8150 10.8150
  • Lens length: 100.5846 115.4556 136.6800
  • BF: 22.47374 30.99618 50.72415

Patent 20110115963 from Sony is for a 50mm f/1.4 full frame lens:

FNo. = 1.443, f = 51.54, .omega. =

Canon filed a patent 2011-081062 in Japan for a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens with a 17/12 design (the existing 24-70 is 16/13 design):

Canon filed a patent 2011-090190 in Japan for a 18-270mm zoom lens:

  • Focal distance: 18.63 62.47 271.55
  • F number: 3.10 4.85 5.88
  • Angle of view: 36.25 12.33 2.88

Canon filed a patent for a 2.0x and 1.8x teleconverters with diffractive optics:

Canon 2.0x teleconverter patent

Canon 1.8x teleconverter patent

Canon filed a patent for a three-layer sensor:

Samsung filed a patent for transparent pixel patent:

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  • ken elliott

    It looks like Panasonic is moving to merge SLR features with video camcorder features. This might make an interesting follow-up to the GH series, or a new line of camcorders using m4/3 lenses.

    I have lots of problems with current camcorders. I have large hands and nearly all models are way too small. I’m not a fan of video in dSLRs, but a camcorder with an SLR-style grip gets my attention. Add a “large” sensor (4/3 or APS-C) and interchangeable lenses and you’ve got a winner. Well, only if you don’t forget headphone jack, mic jack, etc…

  • So we will see in some point in future (and I think not to far away from now) a foveon-like sensor from Canon and Samsung.

    I Think this is good because we’re not far away from moment when limits of bayer CMOS will be reached.

  • Good for Samsung. Call it a “Soveon X3”. BTW, did you know Samsung means “3-star”?

  • Rob

    1. Sony filed a foveon-like sensor patent about 18 months ago, so we’ll see if anything comes of these projects.

    2. The Sony patent for a new 50 1.4 MAY indicate that Sony is working towards getting a range of prime lenses ready for their new FF projects that many feel will be have pixel counts in the MF range.

    3. Luminous Landscape published an interesting article on the future of imaging devices, and they feel Sony and Panasonic will be leading the way.

  • john amore


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