Ricoh GXR M-mount cartridge is out

Ricoh's blog published several pictures of the Ricoh GXR M-mount unit that is suppose to be released this fall. The unit will have a 12.9MP 23.6×15.7mm APS-C size CMOS sensor and a newly-developed focal plane shutter:



Here is a video presentation of the Ricoh GXR M-mount unit:

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  • Jerry_R

    What it will have benefit – against NEX-7 with built-in EVF and focus peaking?

    Offset microlenses?

    • Dunno yet; jury’s out. And that’s coming from a big Ricoh fan.

    • Steve

      Lenses ! NEX has 2 primes and 2 zooms. It’s barely a system at all.

      • cptrios

        True that. The NEX lenses are a joke right now. In my opinion the best lens lineup at the moment belongs to Samsung…useful, cool-featured (iFunction) primes and zooms that are reasonably priced. M4/3 has ONE good pancake after 3 years and two companies’ efforts!

        • Eric

          Hmm, lets see. One good pancake? That’s it you say?

          7-14mm f/4 = excellent lens
          100-300mm = really good lens
          9-18mm = a very decent lens when considering the size
          20mm f/1.7 = we agree is very good
          25mm f/1.4 = looks even better than the 20mm
          12mm f/2 = simply looks incredible
          14mm f/2.5 = not as good as the 20mm, but still fine for most things
          45mm 1/.8 = perfectly decent portrait lens
          14-45mm = best kit lens I’ve ever owned

          That’s just the highlights. I actually quite like the Olympus 14-42mm as well. The IQ is decent for a cheap kit lens, and the size can’t be beat.

          But we do agree that Sony’s NEX lenses are crap, and their according to their lens roadmap the situation isn’t going to get much better anytime soon. A 30mm f/3.5 macro, really, that’s the 4th lens Sony thought the NEX system needed? Sheesh. The Zeiss 24mm might turn out to be the only decent lens they have for the first two years of the system.

          • Seb

            So in your listing i can find ONE good pancake, one not that good (and two upcoming ones)(after three years). Hopefully the 20mm was released early, i don’t think i would have the jump in 2009 without this one.

          • Eric

            He said m4/3’s has one good panckae, and that is all. I illustrated that is clearly not the case. m4/3’s has a range of good glass covering most of the spectrum, pancakes included. The only thing really missing is a nice ultrawide prime, a fast standard zoom, and a few fast telephotos.

            Pancake lenses are great, but the system doesn’t have to be comprised solely of them. There are obviously times when size doesn’t matter. However for times when it does there are lenses like the 14mm and 20mm that produce great results for any photographer with an ounce of skill.

    • pooh

      The ergonomics of the GRD series, which is unparalleled.

      • I don’t know about ‘unparalleled’ but would agree that Ricoh is generally photographer-friendly while Sony seems to be applying an odd approach catering towards the P&S upgrader.

        Also: ISO hotshoe.

        And: GXR-M cartridge: available now. NEX-7, available: ???

        • Sorry, GXR-M available fall. But still, appears to be quite real.

  • I actually like the combo.
    I had a GX200 VF kit and loved the build quality and usability. Beats the NEX IMHO. I have a NEX 3 also 😉 and I know what I’m saying.

  • eeehhmmm what about Leica lenses?? 🙂

  • Yes !!!

  • !?!!? That’s a 12mm LTM at top. You can’t mount that on any digital camera but an M-body AFAIK.

    • Correction 15mm, but the same applies.

      • Seb

        Aren’t you mistaking this lense with the 21mm leica? The 15mm voigtlander fit well on my GF-1.

  • Silver Surfer

    With the short registration distance, almost any lens can be adapted to this system with the right adapter. Hope the APS-C sensor is a good performer. I read the memory buffer is not that large on the GXR, that might slow things down.

  • I’m waiting for the price…..

  • Jerry_R

    CV 12mm and CV 15mm may be used on NEX’es.

    Postprocessing with CornerFix is highly recommended, like with M9.

  • mark luzzi

    That is one UGLY camera Sure its not Russian?????

    • der_kafer

      Have you kept in the hands of the AK-47?
      Good design, very convenient.
      Made in Russia.

      • ptc

        AK-47 is copy of german WW2 attack rifle, design is german. Russioans only standardised some parts and begin mass production.

        I wonder how focusing will work on this without rangefinder……

        • pooh

          Give Kalashnikov some rest in his grave. The STG44 is the first assault rifle mass-deployed in field. The AK series has nothing to do with Germans except taking the very basic concept of assault rifles, like the Americans did with their M16s.

          • Mitiay

            BTW, Mikhail Kalashnikov is now 91 and lives in Izhevsk.

    • cptrios

      Russian or not, it sure is hideous.

      • lynn

        it is perfect for carrying around in a shoe box

  • vincechu

    Cool, just Google translated the source and the writer of the post used a 55mm 1.2 ricoh slr lens via an slr lens adapter on the camera, I know it isn’t anything new compared to micro four thirds and nex or nx, but shd definitely b appreciated by gxr shooters.

  • Bill

    This is a fantastic idea. Been dreaming about a set up like this to digitally shoot my Leica/Voigtlander glass. Have they announced a price yet?

  • nyspete

    Hopefully Ricoh will get some design ideas from Pentax.

  • so again… something almost as big as DSLR, yet much worse but more expensive!

    • Rob V

      I can’t think of a single DSLR as small as the GXR and with the same image quality. And sure, it will be more expensive than cappy Canon Rebels and such (and I shoot Canon BTW), but the build quality is much better. I can’t wait to buy this and get rid of my Canon DSLR. My Leica lenses are miles away from my Canon glass.

  • Bobfrance

    Another EVF?
    What a shame I’d hoped for a more creative solution for employing Leica lenses.

  • Baris

    Where this thing kills the Sony NEX is the digital viewfinder which I found to be pretty good when I used the GXR for some weeks. With the NEX you are bound to the LCD / point and shoot style.

  • Jerry_R

    At the time RICOH will be sold – NEX-7 with built in EVF (most probably best in class), focus peaking, A77 sensor (porobably best in class too) – will be already in shops.

    I am not Sony fan. But I do try to understand RICOH’s advantages against NEX, especially NEX-7.
    And do not see any yet. So far – I see it only interesting for people using RICOH already.

    • lynn

      manual leica lenses on this ricoh gxr adapter, versus manual leica lenses on a sony nex with adapter. so what is the benefit? nex7 all the way!!!

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