Canon EOS 5D Mark III video

Update: the video is fake, it was made for a school project according to the comments on YouTube.

This unofficial teaser video about the upcoming Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera showed up on YouTube few days ago. Those are the rumored specs:

  • 28.1MP CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 5 processor
  • ISO 50-12800
  • 8.2 fps
  • 45 cross type AF points
  • to be released this fall
Video after the break:

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  • slon

    you failed, uploaders comment “of course a fake 😉 was a school project…”

    • did not see that, updated the post

  • Sixbysix

    “Canon” really need to employ people who can edit properly to put their implausible preview videos together.

  • Jojo

    Even though this appears to be fake, I find it interesting that someone working on a school project would come up with a more realistic specification than most of the “experts” and “Canonistas” posting on numerous sites!

    • Camaman

      Lol! So true!
      Maybe he is a nikon fan and doesnt have wishful thinking type of thoughts clouding his judgement concerning Canon. 🙂

  • nice work

  • regular

    I think Canon is slowly leaving the DSLR business. DSLR requires too invest much in R&D, in proper QA (even if QA is not a big part of Canon budget), in marketing.

    Canon prefers to earn easy money with compact camera, and they will step in the micro4/3 business if needed.

  • Hm.. All those rumored specs are useless.
    We DONT need:
    more megapixels
    more video things
    more frames per second
    more higher iso’s
    WE NEED:
    M O R E D Y N A M I C R A N G E F O R G O D S A K E ! ! ! !

    • No

      I need:

      better video things;
      more frames per second;
      more higher iso’s.

  • mamie

    Wow this is such bad editing… The transition pace is inconsistent and the timing really bad… Damn…

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