Sony will release also a NEX adapter LA-EA2 for A-mount lenses

In addition to the Alpha and NEX cameras that will be announced on August 24th, Sony will introduce also a new lens adapter LA-EA2 that will allow the use of A-mount lenses on Sony NEX cameras:

The LA-EA2 will be a "smart" adapter with a built-in translucent mirror that will support AF.

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  • Now that is a good idea!

  • I’ve made this, a week before first rumor surfaced

  • Tony

    I hope Nikon would not spend years before releasing a mount for their mirrorless camera like Sony does. x

  • Renato M.

    how big is this adapter? like a normal adapter? or how much bigger?

  • Anon

    I mean, with a lens and adaptor that big, you might as well just use a Sony DSLR…

    • The adapter thickness has to be the same as the thickness of the existing LA-E1 adapter or else the lenses will have trouble achieving infinity focus.

      The extra size comes from the bottom bit where the AF sensor is and it doesn’t seem to be bigger than a typical SLR lens to Nex adapter with a tripod mount.

  • jvs

    Well it’s a good addition to have for the e mount system for anyone wanting phase detection AF and it would probably go well with the FS100 and the VG10/VG20

  • I hate SLTs but this is an excellent idea and kudos to Sony for coming up with it!

  • Alfons

    Olympus should had come up with this if they are shutting down their DSLR line-up.

    • Matt

      Except Olympus DSLR lenses already work fine with auto-focus with the right adapter, so there’s no need for an extra mirror.

      • Just because a company has been around since 1936 it doesn’t mean they can magically overcome fundamental limitations of technology like contrast detect AF not being able to track as well as phase detect AF.

        Guess you also haven’t seen how fast bare Sony Nex lenses are at AF either.

  • Craig

    It was nice of Sony to come up with a mirror adapter for their mirrorless camera.

    Further, the thing is huge. As the poster above observed – might as well just use a DSLR.

    The antithesis of the entire mirrorless concept. Silly.

    I will also suggest releasing such an item as this “adapter” speaks to Sony’s either inability or lack of desire to roll-out competent lenses for the mirrorless system.

  • Nobody

    Just another geeky stuff.
    As craig said, why putting a mirror on a mirrorless camera?
    Just buy a SLR then and shoooooot!

  • Andreas

    All they need now is an external viewfinder and they got themselves a modular DSLR 🙂

  • I don’t see the point of the mirror.

    Hmm, big lenses on a tiny body. It’d be like a cross between Dolly Parton and Kylie Minogue.

  • jerl

    This sounds like a pretty neat idea. Yes, the lens+adaptor+camera combination is the same size as a DSLR, but so what, this gives you options. You can get faster focusing autofocus with a NEX without having to buy a separate body.

  • Giorgio from Auroville

    I have been using Sony DSR bodys because has the Minolta connection having all my Minolta lenses! Now with the NEX-7 and the new adapter finally I can use the same lenses without loosing the autofocus of that old one that I love so much.

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